Why Tsuwabuki?

Does it seem strange for an 18-year-old technical adult to have a shrine to a nine or ten-year-old boy and be his self-proclaimed Miko? Well, I'm not a crazy old lady. Tsuwabuki has impressed me as one of the best characters from Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Well, in the humble opinion of Adrienne. I've liked Tsuwabuki for his loyalty and determination. He's one of the nicest, least imposing characters. Especially of the males. I mean, in comparison to Touga (*shudder* I think I'm the only one who really hates Touga), Saionji, Mikage, Akio (*gag*), Miki (who doesn't really count), and a few others. Tsuwabuki, I thought, had the purest intentions. With his judgement only clouded by youthful optimism and the fact he just doesn't know better sometimes. Besides, could anyone who wanted to be Nanami's oniisama be completely normal? Tsuwabuki is actually almost comparable to Utena (loosely). His desire to be Nanami's older brother and Utena's desire to be a prince. It's similar, I think. Anyone who can put up with Nanami so well deserves a little respect at least. I'm sure most people can agree with that. :)

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