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Nosebleed Central

Well, this isn't really a hard thing to explain. There's this thing on "Sailormoon," "Koko wa Greenwood" and various other anime where characters will get a nosebleed when they have 'impure thoughts.' Hence, since we're giggly, teenaged girls, we thought a page full of, well, nosebleed inducers was a necessary evil. Can you blame us?

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Curious as to how to Make Your Own Miko?

We've divided Nosebleed Central into sections since there were just too many pictures on the main page. What's your opinion on the change? E-mail us.

The Prospect Zone -- A Knobby Harem, is it?

We can't really think of anymore off the top of our heads, but do expect more nosebleed-worthy pictures here in the near future!

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