The Legend...

Yes. Baldy is indeed a Captain Picard doll in a dress and a very nice hat, but when you give a doll cleavage like that, who can deny the temptation? And, yes, I realize I'm stripping the great Patrick Stewart of a goodly measure of dignity, but that's what happens when somebody makes action figures out of you, eventually you get flushed down the toilet in effigy. That's life. Anyway, Night of the Killer Pumpkin Beings from the Planet Vega is indeed an actual movie, and yes, if you pester me, I might consider sending you a copy of it. Mind you, I'm not making any money out of this, which is good considering how many copyrights I dont' doubt that we stepped on in making this. (oops) It's all meant in good fun. Anyway, Baldy Spice is a product of one too many bottles of Jolt and a little too much chocolate. I thought I should share her with the world. As for the movie, it was a well planned little project, and while the film quality sucks, the warm, feel good, and yet thrilling atmosphere of the movie is a cinematic feat, the genius of which, no doubt, will not be recognized until after the entire crew is dead. But, if you feel like it, somebody can nominate us for some kind of award. We can send this to the Reject Film Festival along with that move Trout. (The Reject Film Festival and Trout, I swear to the Goddess, are both real.)

Anyway, this concludes the story behind the legend. And while it may not make to VH1, it's here. And if it is not, then I am wrong.

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