I Am the Way of the Future....

With a line of spring clothes that are both versatile, and intriguingly loud, Baldy breaks into the fashion world. Designed especially for those days when you just can't seem to decide what to do with your hair, these clothes and accessories are perfect for everyday wear.

Here Baldy models one of our best sellers, the mettalic vinyl minidress with mid calf black socks and the patented Baldy Headress.

This little number is sure to turn heads.

Baldy appears in the next wave of wedding fashion, and with her is Pallid Spice, one of her costars in Night of the Killer Pumpkin Beings from the Planet Vega

Baldy's lingerie line is designed for comfort, durability, and sex appeal.

With craftsmanship like this, how can you go wrong? A woman knows what a woman wants in underwear, and Baldy practically lives in this bra.

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