Rock the NATION!


At last, the sensation that has the world on its toes, BALDY SPICE, the elusive, newest member of the hit group, The Spice Girls, makes her first public appearance at the premiere of her first film, Night of the Killer Pumpkin Beings from the Planet Vega. Her much awaited debut was acompanied by the release of a new line of Baldy Spice clothes and accessories, including the patented Baldy Headdress.

See the Fashion Spread of the Century!


New for 1999!

Night of the Killer Pumpkin Beings from the Planet Vega raked in a whopping two dollars and fifteen cents during its first night at the box office. With a rockin' soundtrack including music by Madonna, Space, T&G Inc, and many other acclaimed artists, Night of the Killer Pumpkin Beings from Planet Vega is packed with non-stop action. Its star studded cast includes:
  • Gillian Anderson as Agent Dana Scully
  • David Duchovny as Agent Fox Mulder, and Edweena, Mistress of the Night
  • Lucy Lawless as Xena
  • Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle
  • Brent Spiner as Pallid Spice
  • David Hasselhoff as an anonymous victim

    AND, Introducing, BALDY SPICE, in her first major motion picture!


  • Robin Davis: Camera crew, catering, boom technician
  • Jenny George: Vocals, blocking, sound, and sock darner
  • Carrie Gordon: Assistant script writer, vocals, sound, bronze polishing, and horse trainer
  • Lydia Tyree: Script Author, vocals, casting, sock ripper, and assistant boom technician.

    A Shakespearean sonnet in honor of this grand occasion:

    Ode to Baldy Spice

    By Robin Davis

    Her skin gleams in the flash of neon lights
    Her dress flares out as she begins to dance
    Showcasing her legs in their shiny tights
    All stop and stare when she begins to prance

    For she entrances them with every move
    She makes upon her stage above the crowd
    They all aspire to get in her "groove"
    And boogie until they can make her proud

    From obscurity to current renown
    She has not become spoiled by her rise
    She is still gracious and nary a frown
    Wrinkles her brow or clouds her sparkling eyes

    Only her charms could this from me entice
    An ode to her, the wondrous Baldy Spice.

    To request a complementary copy of Night of the Killer Pumpkin Beings from the Planet Vega, email the producer, Absinthe Prefect, and request further information.

    The story behind the legend....