Baldy's of Hollywood

Baldy Spice's new line of hot underwear and cool footwear debuts this week at department stores everywhere. These little items, the must have black pumps, are in high demand for their elegance, performance, and comfort. Here Baldy sports a sexy demi bra and bikini panties sure to drive your man wild.

Back in her trademark headgear, Baldy's look truly comes together, inimitable, unique, and oh so delicious!

This elegant, multipurpose slip-dress is reminiscent of Marylin Monroe. Is it eveningwear, underwear, or sleepwear? You decide.

A truly bold move in lingerie is this three piece set. The translucent, floating skirt is oh so touchable!

Baldy's trademark headpiece is now widely available in a store near you.

Finally, Blady appears with the Cast of Killer Pumpkin Beings From the Planet Vega in a fun, sporty mini-dress.

Designs by Barbie.

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