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Season 4 (1990) 39 Episodes

The second largest season of the original TMNT cartoon. This was a time when the TMNT were much established and were on many kids lips in the year that the first live-action movie. 1990 is probably their peak year. Shredder, Krang, Bebop & Rocksteady returned as well as Baxter the Fly, Rat King & Leatherhead plus all the main good characters. We get iintroduced to new guys like Big Louie, Pinky McFingers, Professor Sopho & and quite a lot of one-off villains. At this time especially, the creators had a fascination with mad scientists. Will this season maintain previous forms, or will the rot begin?

Plan Six From Outer Space (Episode 66) Review
Turtles of the Jungle (Episode 67) Review
Michaelangelo Toys Around (Episode 68) Review
Peking Turtles (Episode 69) Review
Shredder's Mom (Episode 70) Review
Four Turtles and a Baby (Episode 71) Review
Turtlemaniac (Episode 72) Review
Rondo in New York (Episode 73) Review
Planet of the Turtles (Episode 74) Review
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