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Four Turtles and a Baby (Episode 71) Review

BRIEF STORYLINE: The Neutrino's planet is under attack by General Traag, and the turtles friends Grizzla and Zenter, who have a new-born baby daughter called Tribble, wants our pizza-loving ninja's to take care of it. In a matter of bad timing, Shredder takes them hostage.

The turtles uncover that Tribble has psychokinetic powers. Due to this, she is difficult to handle so they ask April for aid.

Krang comes to the conclusion that he cannot take over the Neutrinos as long as Tribble is out of their control. He instructs Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady to find the baby.

Meanwhile, April is looking after Tribble. However, she gets a call to go to Channel Six and has no other choice but to take Tribble, which is risky. Mr. Burne is surprisingly not annoyed by it, and holds a baby contest in honour of Tribble's appearance at the Channel. Shredder hears about this baby contest and plan to have Bebop and Rocksteady in disguise. The turtles luckily drop by Channel Six. Can the turtles put a halt to Shredder's little game to bemuse viewers with the baby freak show of Rocksteady and Bebop and finish off the final bit of bother that the war-hating Neutrinos are maybe going to be uncool and side with Krang?

TMNT REVIEW HQ COMMENTS: A silly episode. A prize example of a typical bad episode. The title is a play on the words of the film "Three Men and a Baby". Unlike the movie, it isn't funny or smart. It does get off to an original start, as Donatello is searching for alien TV stations. The 2 Neutrino's involved in this episode are not any of the ones we have seen before like Kala. However, the turtles are familiar with them. Zenter, who look like a smaller version of Elvis, is suppoesed to be the Neutrino's leader.

There is still funny moments in this episode like General Traag talking to Krang on his big viewscreen, and momentarily falling out of the picture by paint/goo harmless weapons used by the Neutrino's. Bebop and Rocksteady make for light relief later on, disguised as a mother and baby in a pram at Channel Six for the baby contest which has Bebop critiqing on his womanly-look saying the lipstick "is not my shade".

When Zenter and Grizzla are preparing to send Tribble, they come out with a saying ripped-off from the Star Wars movies in a corny way, "May the turtles be with you". The turtles opening the mysterious "pizza" basket could've been better and more suspenseful. The Tribble sounds similar to the word "trouble" so you can guess the baby will cause problems for the turtles. The scene when Tribble uses her psychokinetic powers on Leonardo is the best of a bad field of shots.

The part where Krang is talking to the enslaved Neutrinos isn't up to much and quite annoying with the put-on kiddy voices. The turtles fighting with Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady has bad editing but the chase for Tribble is much sharper thankfully. This is one of these storylines that doesn't make Shredder and Krang look like those intimidating villains they have been perceived as in the past. Now we Shredder searching in baby stores?

There are some or a few really bad edits, usually when the screen fades to back to signal a cliffhanger maybe, but these do not serve their purposes. Also we have weak humour like from April who "needs an instruction book" to look after Tribble. More action follows, at the baby store which is a let-down. Shredder is cruelly funny, calling a baby "ugly" and giving his condolences to the mother.

A couple of rotton scenes next, when Irma is trying keep Tribble under control, but fails. This leaves a silly moment, where April, in the middle of her news report is emphasising words like "baby". Then when the baby is crawling on the edge of the Channel Six building, its badly edited. Raphael falling off the building is done better though. The final fight inside Channel Six is average, and the editing at the very end is terrible.


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