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Plan Six From Outer Space (Episode 66) Review

BRIEF STORYLINE: After the dramatic happenings of “The Big Blow Out”(See my review of it in Season 3(1989) section), the turtles sent the Technodrome hurtling back to Dimension X and there was a possibility that they may never see Krang, Shredder, Bebop & Rocksteady again. Well, they are still alive and well, and the Technodrome is still habitable. Krang and Shredder vow revenge and manage to take Bebop & Rocksteady back to Earth to remove the Channel 6 building from it’s foundations using trans-dimensional thrusters and send it up to Dimension X. Krang disguises them in their former human forms, the way they were before the mutations. It only lasts for a few hours, so they must be quick to complete this mission. Along to help the mutants, is a Pretendicon, a robot that pretends to be Splinter by being it’s spitting image. This is to lure the turtles to the Channel 6 building and so they can conquer Earth in their next mission without those turtles.

The turtles are taking for granted that Shredder, Bebop, Krang, Rocksteady and the Technodrome are gone forever, so they plan for a vacation, suggesting numerous places.

Bebop and Rocksteady are appointed as Channel 6 janitors, but amazingly, are promoted to vice presidents, where they can control the TV scheduling. They enjoy their good luck so much, they forget what they really came for. Shredder reminds them of their objectives to his frustration.

Can the turtles stop Bebop & Rocksteady summoning the end of Channel 6 and save April for the millionth time? Can they stop the Pretendicon and the little game he’s playing at, thinking he’s Splinter?

TMNT REVIEW HQ COMMENTS: The 90 Season has gotten underway with a humorous episode based on Bebop and Rocksteady’s unexpected antics at the Channel 6 building. Not the most ideal comeback for Shredder and Krang after deliberately getting launched in Dimension X with a blazing pack of flying missiles to greet them because of the turtles, but…it’ll do. An episode of slightly more good over bad. But Bebop and Rocksteady may of failed the mission, but they certainly didn’t on the mirth and funny lines in the situation of applying and working as employees of Channel Six. Also, some people have theorized that the turtles winning a trip to Europe ties in with the Europe episodes from Season ’93, so that the order of episodes is quite messed up.

The best moments of this episode usually involves humor, However, the ending fight between Bebop & Rocksteady and the turtles is mostly executed well. Also the turtles finding out they have no pizza left, the Pretendicon’s ending, and the turtles patrolling the streets complaining of little crime. Then, comes the humor, the interviewer asks Rocksteady about previous education, and he replies “ 4 years of science school”, the man asks “and what did you study?”, and Rocky remarks “nothing, they studied ME!”. It continues when Bebop & Rocksteady comes across the board for scheduling programmes on Channel 6 throughout the day. They don’t understand why they’re favourite cartoons aren’t on prime-time. The programme titles are funny. Then there’s Rocksteady calling the operator for Dimension X, and you find out the Technodrome have their own 20th Century phone! This whole scene is well done, with some very good humor. Nice touch when Bebop & Rocksteady admit to Krang that getting great ratings means more than completing the mission.

Couple of really dodgy editing here I’m afraid, which both involves the Predenticon. First one involves the Pretendicon walking through the streets, smashing through a wall, and second, attacking the turtles in the park. The beginning of the episode set in the Technodrome isn’t very flattering to what Krang, Shredder, Bebop & Rocksteady have been from after last season. The segment involving “the Idaho Potatos”, funny name, but rather silly when Bebop & Rocksteady want to be them. Predictable, with Bebop & Rocksteady being dumb and not knowing where the basement. It’s still a commendable season-starter episode, for it’s fresh storyline.


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