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The Scotch Irish of Ulster

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The Scotch Irish of Ulster

The Scottish Migration to Ulster in the Reign of King James 1


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SECTION I: CHIEF UNDERTAKERS :Appendix B (Roman Numerals ie-I,II,IX ))

1.BALFOUR, Michael, Lord Burley: Legan, 2,000 acres and Carrowchee 1,000 acres, Knockninny barony, Fermanagh Served as heir 1590. Lands in Fife and Kinross. Although involved with Bothwell, rose quickly in court circles. Between 1579 and 1604 on diplomatic mission. Jul 1607 created Lord Balfour of Burley. 1609 justice of peace. 1610 member of Scottish privy council. Forced to turn away divers famous and answerable men who wished to settle in his precincts as to many applied. Ulster patent 29 Jun 1610. In Ulster Aug 1610, but had left by Feb. 1611. 1611 described as "most forward of all the undertakers". (Carew's Report): 20-4 persons plus an agent on proportion; 70 cows brought from Scotland, crops harvested, one house built, other buildings in progress. Fell into disgrace for opposing grants to king on occasion of Princess Elizabeth's marriage. Dismissed from privy council. Quarrel developed between him and Connor Roe Maguire. (Bodley's Report)Little progress. By 1618-19 proportion owned by Sir James Balfour of Pitcullo, brother to Lord Burley. Sir James created Lord Balfour Jul 1619. Date of sale in doubt but probably 1617 or 1618. Lord Burley acquired property in Clogher before he died on 15 Mar 1619. WEALTH: Probably less well off than most chief undertakers. ASSESSED: 1615 for L80, as opposed to L100 for Sir James Hamilton, Sir Hugh Montgomery and the earl of Abercorn. Left free estate in Scotland (excluding land) of L60 sterling, (Pynner Report): Castle built and town of some forty houses; eighty-two armed men could be raised.(1622 report): houses in the town inhabited by Britons. Irish inhabited land outside town. The landlord spent most of his time in Scotland.(appendix B, pg 324)
II:DOUGLAS, Sir James of Spott: Clancarney, 2,000 actes, Fews barony, Armaugh. Natural son of fourth earl of Morton, Scottish regent 1572 to 1578. Fron Haddington, MArried only daughter of Sir George Home, fiar of Spott. Received numerous gifts from King. 1610 described as gentleman of the privy chamber. Not in Ireland 1610. (Carew Reort) initially only an agent present, but commissioners had left, fifteen families of workmen and artificers brought from Scottland. Aug 1611 Douglas expected on his Irish estate. By 2 MAy 1611 conveyed proportion to HENRY ATCHESON. Douglas remained in Ulster. 1612 among planters who complained of robberies by Irish HAd died by end of Jul 1614 (Bodley's Report). Henry Acheson's and Douglas's proportions combined contatined forty-seven British families (Pynar's Report). Douglas's proportion in the hands of Sir Archibald Acheson, Henry's brother. Stone bawn built and strong house begun. Twenty-nine families in town of Clancarney. These, along with the rest of Sir Archibalds tenants, could make 173 men at arms. 1622 report: Sir Archibald's estates contatined 130 British families.
III.HAMILTON, Sir Alexander of Inerwick: Clonkine and Carrotubber, 1,000 acres Tullyhunco barony, Cavan. Despite involvement in various quarrels, made justice of the peace for Haddington (East Lothian). Bondsman for the earl of Dunbar's debts. His second wife was Dunbar's sister; his third wife was the sister of Lord Binning, the lord advocate. Ulster patent dated 23 Jul 1610. Although among those listed as taking possession September 1610, Carew stated that his son, Sir Claud Hamilton of Creichness, took possession. (Carew's Report):two tenants, their servants and six artificers planted. Ministers not yet allowed by the bishop. Mill being built. After commissioners visit, twelve more tenants and workmen arrived. Land dispute with bishop of Kilmore but bishop had no case. (Bodiley's Report)) Sir Claud resident with wife and family. Thirty-six artificers and several other men, both English and Scottish, which purpose was to plant there. Stone house "of exceeding good strength. Partly built bawn of equal quality. (Pynnar's Report). Sir Claud dead. Land held in trust for Sir Claud's son Francis. Thirty-one families, fifty-two men at arms. Bawn completed. Estate passed to the heir 20 Jul 1621. 1622 report; twenty-five British families who complained of "great charge, in building, and planting themselves' on the promise of freehold tenure, which was denied them on the grounds that the heir was still a minor.
IV. HAMILTON, James, earl of Abercorn: (More)
V.HOME, Sir John: of North Berwick: Ardgorte, 2,000 acres, MAgheraboy barony, Fermanagh.
VI.McCLELLAND, Sir Robert of Bomby: Rosses, 2,000 acres, Boylagh and Banagh barony, Donegal.
VII.STEWART, Andrew, Lord Ochiltree (More)
VIII. STEWART, Esme", Lord Aubigny: Kinneigh and CAshel, 3,000 acres, Clankee barony, Cavan.
IX. STEWART, Ludovic, duke of Lennox: Magavelin, Lettergull, and Cashel, 3,000 acres, Portlough precinct, Donegal.

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SECTION 2: ORDINARY UNDERTAKERS: Appendix C (Arabic Numerals ie 2,9,)

1.ACHESON, Henry: Coolemalish, 1,000 acres, Fews barony, Armagh. From Edinburgh though the family came from Gosford, Hadingtonshier. Applied for Ulster land 1609, By 20 Apr 1610 chosen as undertaker. Ulster patent dated Jul 1610. 11611 purchased the 2,000 acres granted to Sir James Douglas. (Carew report): timber and stones collected; eight or nine settlers established. Livestock present, Had two land disputes; most serious was with the archbishop of Armagh, which was settled after the King's intervention. (Bodley's report): forty-seven British families of Acheson's and Douglas's proportions, By 1619, Douglas land had passed to Archibald Acheson, brother to Henry. (Pynnar's report): Henry Acheson's land - considered progress in building, thirty men present, but no leases granted.
2.ACHMUTIE, Alexander: Dromheada, 1,000 acres, Tullyhunco barony, Cavan.
3.ACHMUTIE, John: Keylagh, 1,000 acres, Tullyhunco barony, Cavan.
4.BAILLIE, William: Tonneregie, 1,000 acres, Clankee barony, Cavan.
5.BALFOUR, Michael of Montwhany: Kilspinan, 1,000 acres, Knockninny barony, Fermanagh.
6. BOYD, Sir. Thomas of Bedlay: Shean, 1,500 acres, Strabane barony, Tyrone
7. BROWN, John of Georgeiemill: Carrodonan, 1000 acres, Tullyhunco barony, Cavan (insert more)
8. CLAPAM, James: Newtown and Lislapp, 2,000 acres, Strabane barony, Tyrone. (insert more)
9.CRAIG, Sir James: Magharyentrim, 1,000 acres, Fews barony, Armagh.
10.CRAWFORD, George of Lefnoreis: Tullelegan, 1,000 acres, Montjoy precinct, Tyrone
11. CUNNINGHAM, Alexander of Powton, elder: Moynarga, 1,000 acres, Boylagh and Banagh barony, Donegal.
12.CUNNINGHAM, Cuthbert: CoolemcItrien, 1,000acres, Portlough orecinct, Sonagal.
13.CUNNINGHAM, Sir James of Glenarnock: Dacostrosse and Portlough, 2,000 acres, Portlough precinct, Donegal.
14.CUNNINGHAM, James: Moiagh, 1,000 acres, Portlough precinct, Donalgel
15.CUNNINGHAM, James : of Crawfield: Donboy, 1,000 acres, Portlough precinct, Donegal
16. DRUMMOND, Sir John of Bordland: Ballymagoieth, 1,000 acres, Strabane barony, Tyrone
17.DUNBAR, Alexander of Egirnes: Kilkerhan, I,000 acres, Boylagh and Banagh barony, Donegal
18.DUNBAR, John: Dromcro, 1,000 acres, Magheraboy barony, Fermanagh
19.DUNBAR, William of Enterkin: Dromuck, 1,000 acres, Clankee barony, Cavan
20.FOWLER, William: Moyglasse, 1,500 acres, Magheraboy barony, Fermanagh.
21.GIBB, James: Dromra, 1,000 acres, Magheraboy barony, Fermanagh.
22. HAIG, James: of Bermerside: Tirenemuriertagh, 1,500 acres, Strabane barony, Tyrone
23.HAMILTON, Sir Claud: of Cochno or Cocknogh: Clonya alias Taughyleagh, 1,000 acres, Tullyhunco barony , Cavan
24.HAMILTON, Claud of Creichness: Edeneveaghm 1,000 acres, Fews baony, Armagh
25.HAMILTON, Sir Claud pf Schawfield: Killeny and Teadane, 2,000 acres, Strabane barony, Tyrone.
26.HAMILTON, GEorge of Binning or East Bynnie: Dirrywoon, 1,000 acres, Strabane barony, Tyrone
27. HAMILTON, GEorge of Greenlaw: LArgie or Cloghgenall, 1,500 acres, Strabane barony, Tyrone.
28.HAMILTON, Robert of Stanehous: Dirrynefogher, 1,500 acres, Magheraboy barony, Fermanagh.
29.HEPBURN, Sir Robert of Alderston: O'Carragan, 1,500 acres, Montjoy pricinct, Tyrone.
30.HOME, Akexander of Crofts: Dromcoose, !,000 acres, Magheraboy barony, Fermanagh.
31.LAUDER, William of Belhaven: Kilruddan, 1,000 acres, Fews barony, Armagh
32.LINDSEY, Bernard of Lochill: Creighballes, 1,000 acres, Mountjoy precinct, Tyrone.
33.LINDESY, Jerome: Dromskeagh, 1,000 acres, Magheraboy barony, Fermanagh.
34.LINDEY, Robert: Tulloghoge, 1,000 acres, Montjoy precinct, Tyrone.
35.McCAULAY, Alexander of Durling: Ballyweagh, 1,000acres, Portlough precinct, Donegal.
36.McCULLOCK, James of Drummorell: Mullaghveagh, 1,000 acres, Boylagh and Banagh barony, Donegal.
37.McKee, Sir PAtrick of Larg: Cargie, 1,000 acres, Boylagh and Banagh barony, Donegel.
38MONEYPENNY, Thomas of Kenkell: Ahaglane, 1,000 acres, Knockninny barony, Fermanagh.
39.MURRY, George of Broughton: Boylagheightra, 1,500 acres, Boylagh and Banagh barony, Donegal
40.RALSTON, John of KIlcloghan, 1,000 acres, Clankee barony, Cavan.
41.SMAILHOLM, George of Leith: Diriany, 1,000acres, Knockninny barony, Fermanagh.
42.STEWART, John of Kilbirnie: Lismolmoghan, 1,000 acres, Portlough precinct, Donigal.
43STEWART, Robert of Hilton (Near Luncarty): Ballyokevan 1,000 acres, Montjoy precinct, Tyrone.
44.STEWART, ROBERT of Robertson: Gortnaville, 1,000 acres, Mountjoy precinct, Tyrone.
45.STEWART, Sir Walter of Minto: Corkagh, 1,000 acres, Portlough precinct, Donegal.
46.STEWART, William of Dunduff: Cooleaghy, 1,000 acres, Portlough precinct, Donegal
47STEWART, William of Mains: Downeconnolly, 1,500 acres, Boylagh and Banagh barony, Donegal..
48.TRAIL, James: Dresternan, 1,000 acres, Knockninny barony, Fermanagh.
49.VAUS (or VANS), Patrick of Lybrack or Lybreck: Boylaghoutra, 1,000 acres, Boylagh or BAnagh barony, Donegal.
20.WISHART, Sir John of Pittarro, 1,500 acres, Knockninny barony, Fermanagh.

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