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Aitchison - Humphries & Collaterals: From Scotland to Ireland
The Aitchison migration from Scotland began in 1609. A short Biography of the "Ordinary Scottish Undertakers", (overseers of the Plantations) (The Scottish Migration To Ulster in the Reign of James 1 [LDS-FHC #941.6 W2p]

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  • Aitchison/Eytchison
  • Hogg
  • Roberts
  • Robertson
  • McPheeters
  • Campbell
  • Stackpole
  • Collins
  • Gibson
  • Humphries
  • Lenaghen

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Lenaghen Family of Tipparary and Down
Short Biographies
Colonal Clarks Regiment of Tipparary
Celtic Family Aitchison and other Irish Helps