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Welsh & Scotch-Irish Settlers of Pennsylvania & Virginia

The Welsh-Scotch-Irish Settlers & Welcome Claimants of Pennsylvania

1650- The Welsh Quakers of Montgomeryshire Co., Wales

1680- The Arrangement Of The Welsh Quaker Colony in Pennsylvania

The Welsh Families of Chester County Pennsylvania "Penn Land Grants"

The Welsh Family of HEWES/HUGHS

The Welsh Family of POWELL Documentation in PA

The Welsh Family of BEZER(BREASHEAR)


1725-The Quaker "Welsh Settlers" of Monocacy Cr. Maryland"
1711-The Northern Neck Colony "Thomas Lee At The Falls"
1735-1781 "The Irish Tract" Shenandoah & Holston River Settlers
Irish Pedigrees & Wills (Microfilm available from SLC-FHL)"

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Map & Crest for The Lenaghen Family of Tipparary and Down
Lenaghen Family of Tipparary and Down
Short Biographies
Col. Clarks Regiment of Tipparary
Celtic Family Aitchison and other Irish Helps

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"Welcome Claimant Settlers": Focus on William Penn's Land Commissioner "JOHN BEZER and COLLATERALS" and the Pennsylvania Colony's "Westward Movement".

On a map for "Carte De La Virginie Et Du Maryland - 1755", as a tributary to the Monocacy River is "Basha (Brasher) Creek". This is the area designated as "Old Baltimore" County Maryland on the map. This area later became "Old Frederick Co., Maryland". Since we have proven the BASHAS (Bashaw/Brasher) of Maryland later are seen as BRASHER (BRASHIER), I believe this to be a significant clue in proving the QUAKER BEZER lineages. In my research over the years I observed there was a "Preacher BROSIUS (sic Bashar?)", of the Monocacy area. Now looking at the names of those in this report of "Quakers of Monoquesey", we find many of the names running collateral to BREASHEARS The family of Bourchier (BEZER), runs collateral to many of the Welsh Settlers and is found with them in the William Penn settlers. John BEZER (Land Commissioner for William Penn),and his brothers Edward and William BEZER settled first in Chester County. attended the Quaker Concord Meeting House near Chichester and may be traced to the Fayette Co.,Springhill Twp, Pennsylvania settlements. The Quakers "Welsh Settlers" first found in the Concord Meeting house abstracts, migrated together and are found consistently together in removing to Southwest Pennsylvania, Old Orange and Cumberland County North Carolina and on down the "Irish Tract" and into the corner that incompassed North West South Carolina, North East Georgia, East Tennessee and South West North Carolina.They were the Mechlenburg Signers of NC. The petitioners of the "Old State of Franklin". They traversed the Cumberland Gap and Tennessee River to colonize in the area opened up in 1783, for military grants to Revolutionary War Service.

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