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Hi there!

Welcome to the Multilingual Families Cafés. The barman to the right (the tall blond one) is Henrik, the guy on the stage with a twelve string guitar in his hand is Berni.

We have built these cafés to make it possible for biling.fam.list-members to meet and have some informal contact. Our purpose is not to discuss bilingual matters here, we still think that the mailing list is the best forum on this planet for doing that.

The Main Bar, below, is the NEW BAR, which we have recently opened.

When you click on the New Bar link you should see two buttons. Click on the one marked CHAT NOW.
Then follow the simple instructions on the page that opens.

Once you are on the main chat page you will see a list of the people currently in the room.  To chat with all of them, simply type something into the white line below and hit the enter key to send it. You can hold private conversations with people just by clicking on their names - which sends a request for a private chat. Then another window will open up for that private chat - which no-one, but you two, will see. There are other fun features too... Explore...

There is also a quirky, but functioning, bar called  "The Crow Bar".  However, Mac users may have trouble using this latter.
If any of you have trouble accessing the first bar, then try using this one. When you enter this bar, you will be given a number and an anonymous status.  To change this, type in the name you would prefer and click on the change button on the right. Then you write in the box marked "Message" and either click on "Submit" or else just hit the enter key to send the message to the chatroom.

When you are in either bar you should try to make the size of the place as large as possible on your monitor screen.

(NOTE:  Both Bars use JAVASCRIPT- so some of you still using prehistoric equipment or software might not be able to access them. If you have a recent Browser, then make sure you have Java Script turned on in the "Options" section)

We plan to continue meeting on the first Sunday of every month at 22.00 hours Central European Time (CET), (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm, Rome....). With an earlier opening session of 09:00 GMT for Pacific and East Asian members.

If it ever gets too crowded we can always arrange to change the frequency with which we meet. It is also possible for anyone to sneak into either bar to chat with someone at any other hour. You may do whatever you want after closing hours - just don't make a mess, leave the place clean and don't forget to switch off the light  when you leave.

No time to chat, but you'd like to leave a message, or make a suggestion? Then drop Henrik or Berni a line by clicking on their names below. Whatever you do - enjoy your stay - nice to have you drop in.


Henrik and Berni

Enter The NEW BAR here

 The Crow Bar - the quirky one that doesn't use Java

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