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My anime Photo Album

Well as everyone knows I am a very big anime lover. (except for hentai) So I am gonna put some images of my favorite series.

Dragon ball Z

Dragon ball Z is the greatest anime there ever was with 291 episodes 14 movies and a spin off series. Goku is a saiyan from the planet Vegeta. He was originally sent to Earth to destroy all of it's inhabitants so that it could be sold to another race of people. Goku was found, on Earth, by a man named Gohan. Gohan adopted the boy, but Goku was a very bad child. Goku, however, bumped his head when he fell down a canyon and forgot his mission. After that accident Goku was a loving baby boy. Since Goku was a saiyan, a race of people who are natural warriors, he was very strong. Saiyans also possess the ability to transform into the were-monkeys at the site of a full moon. One day Goku transformed and he crushed his grandpa Gohan. When Goku returned to normal he knew nothing of what happened. He only knew that a monster had killed his grandfather. From then on Goku lived completely by himself in the wilderness until he met his soon to be friend, Bulma. Together Bulma, Goku, and many other friends they meet along the way go in search of the mystical dragonballs. These balls grant you any wish you desire if you collect all 7. In DragonballZ Goku is married to a woman named chi-chi. Goku promised to marry chi-chi when they were younger. Goku however thought that marriage was some type of food, but concluded "a promise is a promise". Together they had a son named Gohan. Goku first introduced his son in the first episode of DBZ. Goku's brother, however, came that same day and revealed to Goku that not only was Goku's real name Kakarrot, but that he was really an alien from out of space. Through out the series Goku fights and defeats many enemies in his fight to protect Earth. Goku also has a another son named Goten. Goten comes out looking just like his father. Goku dies in this series twice.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion





Ronin Warriors

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