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From Watkins Health and Lifestyle Analysis

Tend to be overweight? [1] Superfood Multiple [2] TheraTrim [3]Reduce Plus

Diet Pills? No a Weight Management System

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Dietary Supplement for Weight Management


*****No More Cravings!****** Reduce Plus

Our unique formula of Chromium Chelavite, vanadium and Glucosol, along with our exclusive CarboControl Blend , helps to balance blood sugar levels and reduce appetite cravings. And when you get the urge, it helps the body burn up more sugars and carbohydrates for energy, so less is stored as fat. It aids in fat burning and helps to maintain energy. Reduce Plus is great for everyone who wants to control their appetite and weight or who wants the health benefits of balancing their blood sugar, but finds a low sugar diet too hard to follow. Also beneficial for anyone on a high protein or low carbohydrate eatin plan.[*]


Other helpful supplements are:

[1] E+CoQ10 Softgels, [2]Rezist Plus, [3]Mood Plus, [4] Inner Cleanse/Restore, [5]Balanced Ginsing

NEW TheraTrim­ (Non-Ephedra Formula)
This all-natural, ephedra-free supplement with Appestat provides the benefits of green tea and many other herbs to help you reach your goals. Ingredients in Watkins TheraTrim not only promote safe, effective weight control**, they also help to enhance mood and feelings of well-being. ephedra free
02283 TheraTrim­ (Non Ephedra Formula)
 Weight Management System

For enhanced metabolism and reduced appetite, get both Weight Management supplements at one low price.

A System not diet pills!

Slim down--Without dieting

With Watkins Weight Management System, you can still enjoy eating your favorite foods. We'll just help you eat less of them by reducing your appetite and cravings, and we'll help you burn up more of the foods that you do eat by increasing your metabolism and fat burning.[*]

All information copied from Watkins 'Solutions for living well since 1868. 2001 Master Catalog, U.S.



Also choose from these:

SoyNilla, Hot Spices, Grapeseed Oil, Liquid Spices, Soup Bases, Rice Blends, Gourmet Mustards, Hot Sauces, TheraTeas

Fresh Wash to remove impurities and maintain nutrients

Take Control

Good health and long-term weight control begin with moderate exercise and healthy eating, including plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, along with lean protein sources such as soy, fish, poultry, lean meats, and low-fat dairy products, as well as moderate amounts of heart-healthy oils, such as grapeseed oil.



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