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Thanks to the following people who have journied into and out of my life. As the old Ronnie Milsap song says:
"They say that all good things must end, love comes and goes just like the wind, but you have your dreams to follow and if I had the chance tomorrow you know I'd do it all again. I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

First and Foremost: Jenny and Connie. Thank you for this webpage. You two are great and I really appreciate all the work you are doing for me.

Diane: My writing partner in crime- you encourage me to write, you and I have been swapping stories for so long . Its been a couple years now and we have never met but our love for writing and the VonErichs bring us close.

Celia, for being the best editor and mentor. You really help me out alot and I appreciate all that you have done. I hope your dreams comes true and one day we see your books at Borders.

Tina and Stef for putting up with me, allowing me to join the extasy family. Even if It feels like I'm the black sheep at times. You two are wonderful people.

Joann: For being a virgo. HA HA..You really are a great person. You have a big heart and I am proud of the things you have done and are doing. Your very special.

Amie: Some people come in your life and were meant to be. You are one of them people who were meant to be my friend. Some friends come and some friends go but you are in the soul woman. You are a wonderful person who can piss me off more then anyone but once etched in the soul it can not be erased. Thank you for being there even when I think you aren't.

Anna: You are just a joy to know. Someone who knows how to touch my heart. I am so glad I met you. Thanks Anna!

FallenAngel Staff: You gals and Steve: ROCK...All the work you do is so appreciated and such heart goes into it. Thank you.

Debbie: For being my best friend growing up and through playing house, alot of my stories were created in my mind. I will always love you like my sister, well hell you always will be.

Kelly, Who would have ever thought we would have made it this long? We have over come so much together and I love you so much. You would always get angry that I could not talk to you. I preferred to write it down. I am sorry I am better with words on paper. You are such a good man, with such a big heart and I love you. When I say I love you I mean it with my whole heart. Oh you can aggravate the living hell out of me and I may curse you under my breath but please know in my heart you will forever stay.

Claudia---God sends angels to people and boy did he ever send you to me. You will never know how you saved my life. Yeah it was what you were there to do but I will probably never meet another person like you. You were my Angel and thank you so much for not letting me walk down the easy road for making me walk threw the crap and making me see those six magnificent words. PISS OR GET OFF THE POT. You are the best...

The best friends I ever had in my life some gone, some here some I talk to some I don't. You were all here for a reason and each and every one of you brought something to me and made me who I am and encouraged me to write. For those times and the people we were I love you guys and I miss the hell out of the girls we were and the times we once had. Debbie, Monica, Brenda, Dawn, Sheila, Sharon and Missy, Amie, Joann, Michell Thank you..........
Mom and Dad Frances-I just love you guys. You are the parents everyone should have. You have always been there and Dad you told me when I was what thirteen to submit my writings but i was too insecure. It only took me 18 years to listen to dad..You both are wonderful people. Regrets you know mine but I can not go back and change my life. Thank you for staying when others left.

Some may not like what I write. It's not porn, it's not trash. It's human nature and I am not afraid to explore the deepest darkest fantasies in my mind and the mind of others.