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Here you will find all the books that Hollie has written (and is currently writing!). When books are available for reading, they will be clickable links that will take you to that area. But in the meantime, enjoy the synopsis of each!


Dakota loves to conquer women. He gets a woman in bed then leaves. He is a true male slut. Never has a woman turned him down, never has a woman looked the other way. Never has a woman denied the male stud what he wants--sex. Then he meets his match. Kelly wants nothing to do with this man, although he is sexy and hot she knows his game, has played it before. She vows not to fall for his ways or worse--fall in his bed.


For years he hung on her wall in posters, she definitely had the hots for him. Then she is face to face with him on a cruise she takes her best friends on. The heat is there, the attraction hot. What is supposed to be a night of fun on a deserted island turns into terror as the ship goes down and the six are faced with rebels, sickness, starvation and possible death. What happens when the drama is over and they are all faced with real life? Will the hot steamy nights spent alone on the island be buried with the shipwreck?

A rich professional movie producer calls upon Kerry to protect his daughter, Anna. A killer is threatening to hurt her. Kerry, a Texas cowboy, packs up and leaves Texas for California. He is looking for an easy time watching a little girl. What he does not know is that Anna is not a little girl. She is spoiled, snotty and does not appreciate this hick telling her what she can and cannot do. Kerry can handle it until Anna calls her little sister, Angel, to save her from the hired help. Angel thinks he's sexy. She would gladly make him her boy toy. The girls, however, know how to elude their guard--it's their little secret. Until Kerry finds out and something deadly almost happens to one of them. He takes them to Texas to protect them. There, they experience a different kind of life. Will Kerry be able to handle the tricky duo? Will he be able to protect them? Maybe he's the one that needs protection--protection from a girl who wants him badly.

Keith had to find her. He had to bring her back. His brother's life depended on it. He searched for centuries trying to find her, until the year 2003 when his search finally ends. Ruby finds the stranger weird, but her friend finds him sexy. The three of them travel back to Scotland and then back through time. Ruby must remember the love she had centuries ago, in order to save them both. This sexy warrior irritates the hell out of her but he also brings desires to her young virginal body. Once her memory of her former life returns, they set out on an adventure filled with steamy nights of passion and raw lust.

Jena was deeply in love with Jordan but her secret was one she did not wish to share with him. After a drunken night she wakes in his bed. Confused and scared, not knowing what happened, how she got there, she leaves him sleeping, afraid of his reaction when he awakens. Jordan cannot remember the night before, only that a woman had shared his bed and had left her earring behind. Only when he is threatened must Jena admit that it was her in his bed--and the life she knew was about to change.

Durjaya will not be thrown off his land. He refuses to allow the white man to tell him where he can and cannot live. He and a band of warriors leave the tribe to create their own--tribe that will not allow the white man to rule their lives. He harbors a deep hatred for the white man--until he meets Rose. Rose shows him a love his mind and body have never known. But she is ripped from his life and he will never be the same.

Rose had grown up on her grandfather's huge plantation, never knowing her father or mother. All her life she'd been taught to fear the Indians and that they were savages, but her life took a sudden turn when by chance she met Durjaya, an Indian warrior. He captured her heart from the first moment and changed her opinion about the Indians forever.
Just as she opens her heart to him and surrenders her body, she discovers the truth about her mother and she’s ripped away from the life she knew. She is taken to live with her father, an Indian Chief. Heart broken about loosing Durjaya she learns the Cherokee ways.
Years later, she meets Durjaya again, but he is the enemy, and her father despises him. How can she resist the love in her heart and the desire her body has for him?