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I have been an X-Men fan since I first picked up a copy of the comic book when I was 13. After reading my first X-Men comic, I was hooked. What really drew me to this team of mutant superheroes was the fact that they were all misfits. Just because they were born different, the rest of the world feared and hated them. As a teenager who wasn't "normal" I associated with the X-Men and continued to collect the comic book. Despite their differences, they worked together and were like a close knit family.

Wolverine is probably the most popular X-Man. He was never really my favorite, but I enjoyed reading his adventures, and enjoyed seeing him in the X-Men movie.

For my X-Men film, I used the song "Don't Bring Me Down" by ELO. I grew extra long sideburns for this occasion. I used a black leather jacket that I bought at a flea market and added a red X to the front. I used chop sticks for Wolverine's claws. I used a black wig for the hair and stretched the ends to give it the famous Wolverine look.

Wolverine first appears in the film with his back turned to the camera. He turns around and slashes at the camera with his claws, a snarl on his face.

Wolverine is in the kitchen drinking from a gallon of milk when Sabretooth approaches from behind and strangles him with a chain. There is a fierce battle and Wolverine flips Sabretooth over his shoulder and onto the floor.

Further into the film, Wolverine and Sabretooth battle outside in our front yard. I wonder what the neighbors thought.

In the final scene showing Wolverine, Sabretooth claws his chest and stomach. When Wolverine turns around to face the camera, his jacket is open, revealing his hairy chest.

To give Wolverine the hairy look, I applied makeup all over my chest and stomach.

In the next scene, Sabretooth is taunting Wolverine, motioning to him. A shirtless Wolverine jumps in front of the camera, snarling.

After a brief struggle, Wolverine sinks his claws into his adversary and throws him on the couch.

It was fun making the X-Men film, and I hope to do a sequel someday, introducing characters who weren't used in this video.

I still collect the X-Men comic books and enjoy the adventures of my favorite mutants.