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Sabretooth is Wolverine's arch enemy in the X-Men comics. Sabretooth has powers similar to Wolverine, but is a blood thirsty psycho.

Sabretooth was also part of the Weapon X program with Wolverine. With long claws and fangs, Sabretooth is incredibly strong and has a healing factor that allows him to recover quickly from injuries.

My oldes son, Ryan, played the part of Sabretooth in our X-Men film.

For the costume, I used an old wig and glued long eyebrows to Ryan's eyes. He wore vampire fangs and fingers left over from Halloween.

Ryan wore an old coat that belongs to my dad and we attached an old fur rug to that. He also wore torn pants and dog tags.

In our X-Men video, Sabretooth battles both Wolverine and Rogue during different scenes.

Sabretooth strangles Wolverine with a chain while he is drinking from a gallon of milk. Then Wolverine flips Sabretooth over his back.

Sabretooth attacks Rogue in the garage and smashes her face into the wall. We filmed this part of the video in my parent's garage during a downpour.

We also filmed a battle scene with Wolverine and Sabretooth outside in our front yard.

In one scene, Sabretooth claws Wolverine from his chest down to his stomach. There is a fierce battle after Wolverine loses his shirt, and Sabretooth gets stuck by Wolverine's claws and then thrown to the couch.

In another scene with Rogue, Sabretooth chases her up the stairs to the office next door during the downpour. They battle at the top of the steps and then continue their struggle in the road.

Ryan really enjoyed the next scene. He got to take Tomara, who played Rogue, by the head and rub her face in a rain puddle. They both fell to the ground in the rain and got soaked.

Sabretooth gets what is coming to him when Rogue takes off her gloves and touches his face, draining his powers.

In the final scene, Rogue has grown claws and fangs and kicks and pounces on the unconcious Sabretooth.