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Rogue is, without a doubt, one of the coolest X-Men, (X-Women). She started out as a villain in Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but then joined the X-Men in an attempt to find a cure for her "problem".

Rogue has the mutant ability to drain the memories and personalities of those that her skin comes into contact with. Staying in contact for too long of a period would put the other person in a coma.

Rogue was always a sad character to me, never being able to touch another person, always on the guard in case she accidently hurt someone else.

In my X-Men film, Rogue is played by my neice, Tomara. She had a lot of fun with this film and I think she liked being Rogue.

In our video, Rogue is walking through the garage when she is attacked by Sabretooth, who rams her head into the wall.

The day that we filmed this part of the video, it was raining. Tomara and Ryan, who played Sabretooth, got soaked.

Sabretooth chases Rogue up the stairs to the office next door in one scene. They battle up on top of the stairs, and then Rogue makes a run for it.

One of the coolest scenes in the entire video was when Rogue and Sabretooth were battling in the street in the rain. Sabretooth takes Rogue by the head and shoves her face into a rain puddle.

Rogue decides she has had enough and takes off her gloves. Touching Sabretooth's face, she begins to drain his powers.

The X-Men video ends with Rogue snarling, having grown Sabretooth's teeth and claws. She commences to kick and punch the unconcious Sabretooth.

I even took the kids down to where I work to let people see them in costume.

For the white streak in Rogue's hair, I used a strand of spider web left over from Halloween.

Tomara wore the black leather jacket with the red X that I also used for the characters I portrayed.

Who knows what video Tomara will star in next?