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Wichita Falls Area Local 754 
PO Box 1045 
Wichita Falls, TX, 76307

(940) 723-7001

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A listing of the events and people that make our members the community we are.

One of Our Own Needs Help:  Due to her Multiple Sclerosis, Member Andy Vincent-McNeil has exhausted all of her sick and annual leave. All donations are appreciated.  If interested, contact your steward or personnel for form 3970-D.  Case Number is 01-4G-760-017.

Congratulations!:  To APWU Members David Hollis and Carol (Cryer) Hollis on their July 14 Marriage.


While we are a union, we are also co-workers, as such we are involved in each others lives, and interested in the events that are going on there.  If anyone has a event, a personal cause, or just a general announcement, feel free to announce it here.

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