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Wichita Falls Area Local 754 
PO Box 1045 
Wichita Falls, TX, 76307

(940) 723-7001

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Wichita Falls TX Area Local Constitution

Article 1. Title

This body will be known as the Wichita Falls TX Area Local of American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO.

Article 2. Objects

Section 1: The object of the Wichita Falls, TX Area Local of American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO, will be to unite the Postal Employees of the Wichita Falls TX Area into a democratic brotherhood for their economic and social advancement. It will be the purpose of the Local to advance the interest of the Bargaining Unit Employee, and to aid all members in distress.


Section 2: We favor the affiliation of all Postal Employees organizations with the AFL-CIO.

Article 3 Membership

Section 1: Any person in the Postal Service who is designated as a full-time or part-time employee or retired employee as stated in the provisions of this Constitution will be eligible for membership.

Section 2: This body will have full power to confer honorary membership in this Local by a majority vote of members present and voting at a regular meeting.

Section 3: Members who have been promoted to supervisory positions may be accepted as associate members for Health Plan participation only. They will pay a $35.00 per annum for this privilege. They will have no voice and vote.

Section 4: Upon request, following retirement from the Postal Service and after thirty years of union membership in this Local, a member will be allowed a lifetime membership, paying no further dues to this Local. By paying full assessment of the APWU National dues, this member will retain full privileges and voting strength relating to this Local.

Article 4 Time and Place of Meeting

Section 1: This Local will hold its regular meeting at 3:30 PM on the third Saturday of January, March, May, August, and October unless voted otherwise by the majority of members present at a regular meeting.

Section 2: Special meetings may be called upon written signatures of twenty or more members in good standing or upon the request of three members of the Executive Committee, and will be at a designated place and time.

Article 5 Representation

Section 1: Each member on good standing will be entitled to one vote.

Section 2: A member in good standing is defined in Article 8, Section 2

Article 6 Officers and Standing Committee

Section 1: Officers of this Local will consist of the President and the following in order of succession:

  1. Executive Vice President

  2. Treasurer

  3. Chief Steward

  4. Maintenance Craft Director

Section 2: The preceding list of officers will serve as the Executive Committee for the Local.

Section 3: The Editor of the Local’s Newsletter will be responsible for publishing at least one issue each month. He or she will be paid a salary of  $125.00 per monthly issue published and membership dues for 13 pay periods are allowed for tenure and as an incentive award. He or She will not be a members on the executive committee unless he or she is an officer of this Local as described in Section 1.

Section 4: Secret ballots will elect these officers.

Section 5: All officers will be elected for a term of two years.

a.     In an election year the President will appoint an Election committee of three members in good standing at the September Meeting. This committee will be responsible for printing, distributing, collecting and counting the ballots.

b.     We will hold floor nominations at the October meeting.

c.     Printed ballots with all candidates will be mailed to all eligible members fifteen days before the November meeting. All ballots will be retained for one year.

Section 6: If any member of the Executive Commitee resigns election will fill this vacant position as follows:  Notice of the vacancy and announcement of the election will be posted immediately on all bulletin boards.  This will be sufficient notice of election. 

Section 7: The Auditing Committee will consist of three members in good standing to be elected for a term of two years at the Local’s regular meeting.

Section 8: The Executive Committee will hold regular meetings before or immediately following the Local’s regular meeting.

a.     The Executive Committee will be responsible for making recommendations regarding work of the Local, for coordinating the work of the standing committees, for carrying out decisions of this Local. And between regular meetings, when necessary to make decisions not in conflict with the intent of this Constitution that will benefit this Local. They will report their decisions and actions at the next regular meeting.

b.     Between regularly scheduled meetings, the Executive Committee will have the authority to decide, by vote, whether to appeal a grievance to arbitration that the National APWU has decided not to appeal. They will review the grievance file and citable arbitration cases available, consider the estimated cost to the Local, and decide if the appealing of the grievance to arbitration will have sufficient merit to the Local or affected member(s).


Section 9: The President will appoint one member from each Tour to serve on a Local Human Relations Committee for other projects for the benefit of the membership and/or their families.


Section 10: The Steward from each tour, branches and/or Associate office will be responsible for notifying the Vice President of the hospitalization or death of a member or his or her spouse. The Vice President is authorized to send a card to the hospitalized member or spouse and flowers in case of a death of a member or his or her spouse.

Section 11: The Grievance Committee will consist of Stewards, whom the President will appoint. Chairperson of this Committee will be the Chief Steward. The Grievance Committee will sponsor at least one training seminar a year for Local Stewards.

Section 12: The Labor/Management Committee will consist of the President or the Executive Vice President, and the Craft Representatives.

Section 13: The Negotiation Committee will consist of a minimum of four members appointed by the President plus an additional five members fact-finding committee to help the Negotiating Committee on preparations for Local Negotiations.

Section 14: The Membership Committee will consist of three members appointed by the President. Their duties will consist of interviewing prospective members, and other projects to promote membership in this Local.

Section 15: The Entertainment Committee will have charge of all entertainment or other social functions as authorized by this Local. The Chairperson will have the authority to enlist other members to help in the fulfillment of duties.

Article 7 Duties of Officers

Section 1: The President will preside at all meetings and appoint all committees. He or she will fill all vacancies from any cause at all until election has filled such vacancies according to Article 6. He or she will automatically be considered a duly elected delegate to District, State and National meetings, conventions, or rallies. He or she has the privilege of declining if so desired. He or she will paid $150.00 each month. Membership dues are allowed for tenure of office as an incentive award.

a.     The President or his or her designee will serve as chairperson for the delegation to all conventions and meetings to coordinate the activities of this delegation.

b.     The President will be allowed 40 hours per year of Leave Without Pay to         be used to further the business of this Local.

Section 2: The Executive Vice President will assume the duties of the President in their absence. He or she will be in charge of legislative issues and will work with the President in coordinating all functions of this Local. He or she will keep the minutes of all meetings. He or she will be paid $75.00 per month. Membership dues are allowed for tenure of office as an incentive award.

Section 3: The Treasurer will collect all dues, pay all bills authorized by this Local. (Checks are countered signed by another Executive Committee member.), furnish a financial report at each meeting. He or she will be paid a salary of $125.00 each month. Membership dues are allowed for tenure of office as an incentive award. In an emergency, any two members of the Executive Committee may sign checks.

Section 4: The Chief Steward will be responsible for coordinating and helping the President concerning the National Agreement or any other duties in which he or she may need help. He or she will also be the Chairperson of the Grievance Committee and have the responsibility of training new stewards for the Local. He or she will be paid $125.00 each month. Membership dues are allowed for tenure of office as an incentive award.

Section 5: The Maintenance Craft Director will be responsible for coordinating and helping the President in the National Agreement or any other duties as functions of this Local. He or she will coordinate and help the Chief Steward in the training of the new stewards for this Local. He or she will be paid $75.00 each month. Membership dues are allowed for tenure of office as an incentive award.

 Article 8 Revenues and Expenditures

Section 1: The dues of the Wichita Falls, TX Area Local of American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO, will be 0.93 of 1% of a Level 5, Step 7 Postal Service employee, per month in advance. We will pay no State or National dues on members in arrears.

Section 2: Reason will not affect a member’s good standing status of the fact his or her paycheck for the payroll period in which his or hers dues’ deductions are made is insufficient to permit such dues deductions, due to illness, injury, pregnancy leave, layoff or disciplinary suspension.

Section 3: The union will defray the cost of transportation when duly authorized. The Union will pay the rate per mile accepted by the IRS or airline rates, whichever is the lessor. This may be supplemented by amounts deemed necessary to meet rising cost, subject to membership approval.

Section 4: The Local will pay a maximum of twenty hours per year of LWOP to the designated official who is assigned the responsibility of going to Associate Offices. The total amount of LWOP will not exceed twenty hours per year for all officials of this Local combined when traveling to Associate Offices.

Article 9 Prohibitions

Section 1: No criticism, reflection, argument, or debate, touching on any member’s race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, political affiliation, age or religion will be allowed at any meetings of the APWU.

Section 2: Any affairs, political or social, not directly involved with Union business will be done before or after the official meeting.

Article 10 Recall

Section 1: To recall a member of the Local Executive Committee, the Committee or separate elected members will form the trial board before which hearings on charges may be held to determine what disposition should be made of the charges before it.

Section 2: If the recommended disciplinary action is expulsion, suspension without pay in excess of sixty days or termination of an incumbent elected officer, an affirmative vote to expel an officer from office must take place. This cannot take effect until confirmed by two-thirds of those voting in a referendum on the recommended disciplinary action. The affected officer will have 10 days to submit a reply to the report

Article 11 Amendments

Section 1: This Constitution will not be amended except by a two-thirds majority affirmative vote of those present.

Section 2: All proposed amendments to the Constitution and bylaws will be presented in writing to the Vice President, or notice given at the previous regular meeting. All proposed amendments must be posted in all offices, stations, and branches. And on all APWU Official bulletin boards, fourteen days before the next regular meeting for the voting.

Section 3: All Constitutional changes or amendments will be open for discussion, debate, or any other parliamentary provisions as specified in “Roberts Rules of Order”.

Article 12 Awards

Section 1: The Local will present the “Phillip A Trammel” Scholarship of $400 to a member or child of a member in good standing. The Executive Committee will make the selection. The Scholarship will be presented in August of each year.




Article 1 Order of Business

  •       Invocation

  •      Reading of the Minutes

  •      Treasurer’s Report

  •      Committee Reports

  •      Unfinished Business

  •      New Business

  •      Election of Officers

  •      Adjournment 

Article 2 Quorum

Seven members will make up a Quorum, but less than that may adjourn to meet at a future specified time.

Article 3 Rules of Order

Lacking other authority, “Robert Rules of Order” will govern the deliberations of this Local.

Article 4 Amendments to Bylaws

Amendments to these bylaws may be made as described for amendments to the Constitution.

Article 5 Appeals’ System within the Local

A: The person preferring the charges will do so by writing specific and detailed charges and presenting these charges to the Hearing Committee.

B: The President will appoint a Hearing Committee consisting of three members that are not involved in any way with the incident.

C: After a reasonable time to prepare a defense, a full and fair hearing will be conducted by the Hearing Committee.

D: The Hearing Committee will report to the next meeting of the Local and the members present will vote accept or reject the Hearing Committee’s decision.

E: The decision may be appealed under the provisions of Article 10 of the National Constitution. The Local will provide administrative assistance or advice for this appeal if requested.

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