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Swan Haven

Peafowl, Upland Game Birds
and Chickens

Mute Swan

On this page, you'll find various varieties of peafowl and other game birds, plus chickens. Peafowl are a type of pheasant and that is why we included them on this page. If you desire peafowl or other game birds and/or chickens, please send us an email telling us what it is you're interested in and we'll be happy to try and set you up. Our email link is found below.

The breeder of these fine birds is a good friend, Rex Nelson, located in Missouri. The list below shows the varieties and their respective prices. Availability may vary and shipping can take place only at certain times of the year. Your order can sometimes be picked up here at the farm or at the farm in MO, or also at various swap meets across the midwest. Arrangements must be made in advance so someone can greet you and provide you with your order, so please email us for more information.

For shipping peafowl in mid-October and November, orders must be placed by mid-September. The next shipping period will be in March and April of 2003, so place your orders from December 2002 until late February 2003.

Birds are sold as breeding pairs and we often have single birds available. Pricing is as follows:

3 & up2yrs1yr
India blue $165 $150 $125 $65 on single young birds
silver pied $325 $275 $250 email for availability
purples $200 $175 $160 " " "
black shoulder pied $175
black shoulder $135
blue pied $135
white $200 $150
cameo $200 $150

We also offer large fowl and bantam Cochins in a variety of colors, plus a few varieties of Old English Game Bantams. We also have Silkies in Black, Blue, Buff, Splash, and White. These are very good quality birds -- some are show birds, but we don't show real often, just enough to keep our breeding program on track and continuing in the right direction. Please read our note on the shipping of live birds, found on our Order Page. And please let us know if we can be of any service.

Thank you for your interest in Swan Haven Waterfowl. Please bookmark our home page and come back often.

Swan Haven Waterfowl
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