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Swan Haven Waterfowl

Avian Rescue

A Blue and Gold Macaw head study
A Blue and Gold Macaw head study

Many times folks are taken in by the beauty of our feathered friends and they wish to have one of these beauties as a companion. Once in a while, though, something happens which requires us to find a new home for our birds. That is where we come in. When you find that you unavoidably need to place your beloved avian pets elsewhere, we will gladly take them in, give them a loving home and provide them with the best of care. See some of the beloved birds we have taken in below.


Blue and Gold Macaws Blue and Gold Macaw

Blue and Gold Macaws


A pair of Sun Conures Beautiful Sun Conures

A head study of a Sun Conure Beautiful Sun Conures


An India Blue male A head study of an India Blue male

An India Yellow male An India Yellow male


Pics coming soon.

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Swan Haven Waterfowl
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