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Swan Haven Waterfowl

A Mute Swan on a creek
Mute Swan

Where we produce birds for future generations to enjoy.

We are breeders of high quality waterfowl and raise over 100 species of ducks, geese, and swans. Our experience spans over 20 years. We have the required licenses and permits on file so we are able to make these beautiful birds available to those who would like to add to their collections.

Recently, we have begun avian or cage bird rescue. If you find that you cannot keep your cage birds, for whatever reason, just give us a call or send us an email. We will provide your bird with a loving home with the best of care. Check out our avian link below. And if you need a home for your avian friend, please contact us.

Another poultry group we have available to you includes peafowl, some upland game birds, and a few breeds of chickens. Check out our poultry page in the links below to see if we might be able to fulfull your poultry needs.

We have a pen containing a breeding pair of Muntjac Deer. They had an adorable fawn in November 2001. We'll have their page ready for viewing soon.

On occasion, we also have a litter of purebred Cocker Spaniels, Weimeraners, Chihuahuas, and starting in the winter of 2002, Mini Dachshunds of the Smooth variety. Our Dachshunds will be available in reds, black and tans, and dapples. Our dogs make excellent companions and papers are available. If we can help in providing the puppy of your dreams, please contact us.


Following is a list of most of the breeds and varieties of waterfowl we have and their prices. If something you're interested in isn't listed here, please drop us a line and we'll see if we can help you.


Perching Ducks
Wood Ducks $50.00, Breeders $60.00
Apricot Wood Duck $200.00
Mandarins $65.00, Breeders $75.00
Maned Geese $150.00

A pair of Wood Ducks

Marbled $65.00
Blue wing $65.00
Brazilian $65.00
Cinnamon $65.00
Green wing $70.00
Ringed $65.00
Chilean $90.00
Sharpwing $125.00
Chestnut Breasted $135.00
Cape $140.00
Silver $175.00
Hottentot $175.00
Baikal $450.00

North American $65.00
Chilean $150.00

Red Crested Pochard $65.00
Redheads $65.00
Rosy billed $65.00
White-Eyes $75.00
Ring bills $135.00
Ruddy ducks $150.00
Hooded Merganser $150.00

A Pair Of Hooded Mergansers

Ruddy $100.00
Cape $125.00
Common $135.00
Paradise $225.00
Radjah $250.00
Australian $650.00

Canadas $100.00, Breeders $150.00
Swan Geese $95.00
Cacklers $150.00, Breeders $165.00
Barnacles $150.00
Barheads $125.00, Breeders $175.00
Lesser White Fronts $250.00

Canadian goose

Shell Geese
Egyptian Breeders $70.00
Ruddy-headed $550.00
Ashy-headed Breeders $550.00
Greater Magellan $600.00
Cape Barren $800.00

Mallard $25.00
Grey Calls $30.00
Black Duck $45.00
Phillipines $65.00
White Mallard $60.00
Argentina Red Shovelers $250.00

Fulvous $65.00
Black-Bellied $70.00
Cuban $125.00
White-faced $125.00
Javen $200.00
Spotted $600.00

American $65.00
Chileo $70.00
European $75.00

2003 Hatch
Black $600.00
Coscoroba $500.00
Mute $600.00
Trumpeter $2000

Black Neck cob

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Swan Haven Waterfowl
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