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 ATF fics

Adult Stories

Featuring Chris/Vin




 OW fics
























Updated November 28th 2004 : MaleBox
























 A Better Plan

 A Perfect Christmas

 All That We're Allowed

 Ashes And Dust

 Believe (sequel to 'Garth')

 Blowin' Smoke

 Come Fly With Me

 The Decent Thing (slash version of 'Working Girls' episode)

 Don't Come Much Livelier (follows 'So Much Fer Easy')

Fields of Blue

 From The Ashes (sequel to 'Nemesis' episode)


 The Greatest Gift (Christmas fic)

 The Heart Has Its Reasons

Heart and Home

 These Hands

 Like Lickin' Butter off A Knife

Malebox Added November 28th 2004


 Mama, He's Crazy

 Monday Night Fever

  Memento Mori

  O Christmas Tree

 Of Mice And Men

 On Any Given Sunday



 Shadow and Storm

 Sins Redeemed (sequel to 'Sins of the Past' episode)

 So Much Fer Easy (follows 'Like Lickin Butter...')

 Soul Searching (sequel to 'Manhunt' episode)

 The Sweetest Remedy

 Sweet Relief

 The Thrill of Defeat

 The World According to Garth
 What Changes Come Added November 1st 2004
 With A Touch




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