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PAIRING: If I were you, I’d bet it’s C/V


DISCLAIMER: I reeeeeeeeallly hate this part. They’renotminetheybelongtothoseotherpeople. There.

NOTES: This is my humble birthday offering for my fellow July babies: Jan, Rick, Sam and, of course, my dear pard and heart’s sister, RubyJ. Happiest of birthdays to y’all! I come bearing gifts of a poor, sick sharpshooter and his tender lovin’ cowboy. ;-) And thanks to St. Jean the Selfless and Subtle for the beta and loving, eh, encouragement. You’re the best, hon!

WARNINGS: Well, of course there’s the m/m thing (more a reassurance than a warning, I’m thinkin’ <g>). And smarm alerts are in full force!! This is nothing too complex, without much of a plot at all. It’s just pure h/c.

SPOILERS: Briefly (very briefly) references my stories, "All That We’re Allowed" and "The Heart Has its Reasons." In fact, if you blink you’ll miss them.



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