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 Howdy! And welcome to my little corner of the wild and woolly world of the Magnificent 7. Here you'll find my stories about The Boys, all of which center around Vin Tanner and lean (*snort*) toward h/c. I can't help it. I love the tracker and, well, I love hurting the tracker. But I always put him back together again. Eventually.

Now, before we go any further, I have two bits of business to get out of the way. First, I have to pay tribute and grateful homage to The Muse and Ninheve, who are actually the artistic masterminds behind this page. I just write; I don't do technology. Without these two ladies, this place simply wouldn't exist. Muse, Digger, I'm beholden to y'all!

Second (cue heavy, dramatic music)... THE DISCLAIMER:
I don't own The Seven (*sob*). If I did, they'd still be on the air, all day, every day, two-hour eps every two hours with no commercials... And Vin would shuck a few of them clothes (and "Wagon Train" would never have happened). The actual owners of said Seven are Trilogy, Mirisch, MGM, CBS, TNN, EIEIO. No copyright infringement is intended, no profit is made from the stories posted here, and, though I think said owners of said Seven done the boys dirty, I'm still eternally grateful that they gave 'em to us for the short time they did.

So, enjoy your stay here, pull up a story to read, and settle in.





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