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                                                        Project NX Turbo

The following is some information on how to install* a turbo on your SR20DE powered
car.  It was a great learning experience for me and I hope that by offering this information
it will allow you to have a decent idea of how to go about it.

Click here for pics and an overview about my NX

The goal was to put a turbo on my car with minimum outside fabrication and a very factory/
non-hillbilly look.  I'm happy to say these goals were met.  A few extra tools besides regular
hand tools were needed but otherwise it was pretty straightforward.  A couple of the essential
things, however, were 1) a notebook just filled with every answer I had concerning a turbo
install, all from and the SE-R mailing list -I can't stress enough to do your homework
and find out what is involved!,  2) Dremel for cutting, grinding, smoothing many parts to get them to
fit nicely, 3) more time than you planned for, sometimes it would take longer than expected waiting
on parts, figuring out stuff, and just being in the right frame of mind.

Here is the main ingredient, this is what makes turboing an SR20DE easy. OEM Nissan
turbo and manifold!  I wish they had included this stuff on US cars but they don't.  Fortunately,
you can get them from Nissan Motorsports and Jim Wolf Tech.

And here are some further details concerning various stages of the turbo install.   This isn't a step
by step write-up, however it does offer pertinent advice on how I went about it and what tools helped.
If you have any questions, give a holler

Oil Return Tapping
Oil Pickup and Senders
Intake Piping
Compressor Bypass Valve
Coolant Lines
Customized Parts
Parts And Sources

The car is still a work in progress, there's always room for improvement...

 Heavy Duty Clutch
 3" Cat-back Exhaust
 Nismo Radiator & High Power Fans
 Bigger Turbo


*So you are going the other route and just installing a whole DET eh?  Well, check this little guide
out first, it should make things easier.