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Nici is a 1992 Nissan NX 2000.  I've always liked the NX coupes but back when I originally got bit by
the SE-R bug they were more than I wanted to pay so I bought a Sentra SE-R.  The Sentra is great but
there was always a desire for the funny looking little coupe with t-tops.  After a few Sentras/NXs were
turbocharged I figured out what my project car would be.  These aren't really common so you may have
to look around some.  Private sellers have a hard time selling because the general public doesn't know
what they are.  Dealers will overcharge playing up the "rarity" of them (they only sold them in the US
from '91 to '93).  I managed to find one in town, stock, good shape, low miles,  & owned by an avid
autocrosser.  He's a waterhead but theNX was his wife's car.  In October of '97 and with $6000 she moved
into her new home :-)

Click  here  for the turbo install

Here she is in her current state of tune:


Engine:    JWT T28 turbo & reprogrammed ECU, Infinity Q45 injectors (370cc), GReddy 300ZXtt intercooler
                HKS P-Flow intake, Eclipse BOV, custom 2.5" downpipe and intake piping, ACT street clutch,
                Westco AGM sealed battery, Mobil 1, Redline MT-90, Ford HD brake fluid, Water Wetter,
                & 3" mandrel bent cat back to a Magnaflow Race Series muffler (& m@d 4 |nCh +iP y0).

Handling:  16" Borbet Type-Ts 35mm ET, 215/40-R16 Kumho Ecsta Supra 712s, Rally 6.5mm rear spacers,
                 Hypercoil springs (custom 300/200lb.), KYB AGX struts, & Pan Motorsport front strut bar.

Rice:   Window tint, Fuba powered antenna, Sylvania Cool-Blue headlights, & silver painted NX calipers.

Interior:    Autometer 3 guage cluster in center console, Aiwa CD player (moved from top for the guages to
                 bottom where a cubbyhole used to be), Pioneer 5.25" speakers up front, & Dynamatted hatch area.

So what's she do?  I don't know yet, I haven't taken any measurements on her but an educated guess
is 210hp (7.5 psi) and high 13's 1/4 mile. I can tell you right now she's fun as hell to drive!

Why Nici?  Well, she was inspired by this Nici ;-)