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Howdy Pardner!

Welcome to the Cowtown Opry for 2008!

We want to take this opportunity to remind you of the great times we’ve been having this year, while exercising the privileges of our membership in the Cowtown Opry Club. As a group of performers, we are mighty proud of the great musical heritage of Texas, and we do what we love best -preserve it, promote it and perform it! By renewing your membership as a Cowtown Opry performer, you, too, have the privilege to be a part of continuing this legacy. You will continue to be encouraged to develop an appreciation for learning and performing the unique music of Texas, from the ballads of the singing cowboy to the rhythms of western swing.

We will continue to offer educational opportunities during 2006, especially the monthly gathering of The Buckaroo Club, in which we mentor youngsters to develop true western showmanship in the youngsters. As Cowtown Opry Clubmembers (COC), we’ll share the experience of a life-long love of the songs and lore of Texas!

Your talent coordinator is Devon Dawson, 817/521-4969


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(dues will ensure membership thru December 2009.)



Phone # home _________________work______________

__ I/We want to renew membership in Cowtown Opry Club at annual dues of $25.00/$40.00**

Individual Performer or Volunteer $25.00 = __________

Family/Group dues $40.00 = __________ **NOTE: Two or more members joining from of one family or group, automatically joins up that whole family or group. In such cases, total cost of annual dues is only $40.00.

“Friend” of the Opry Club” (One who is interested in financially supporting the Opry)

$100.00 = _________

Make checks payable to “Cowtown Opry”, and send to address shown above.