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We specialize in bringing western music shows, free to the public in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. We present both vintage and contemporary western music, Texas music, music from the singing cowboy movies, old time cowboy ballads, and western swing –always setting forth that unique style that is associated with American cowboy music. Contrary to the popular conception, this genre is distinctly separate from country/pop styles, and we exist to prove that difference.

Cowtown Opry Club coordinators & show hosts provide guidance through songlists, lyrics, and rehearsals by request, in addition to providing performance opportunities.

CTO performing members and Buckaroos are expected to make efforts to expand a personal western music repertoire, appear in classic western attire, make timely arrivals for shows, and payment of annual dues.

Cowtown Opry Club coordinators & show hosts are:

Cowboy Jam Devon Dawson m. 817/521-4969

Buckaroos Janet McBride m. 214-803-0829 h. 972-564-0462

Western Hour Devon Dawson m. 817/521-4969

Silver Screen Devon Dawson m. 817-521-4969

Fenceline #2 - DRESS CODE aka 'CTO colors'

All Cowtown Opry performers and parade participants are representing the Cowtown Opry, in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District, and are expected to dress in western attire. The performer who is a member of the BAND and all Buckaroos should observe the following dress codes:

White long-sleeved western/cowboy shirt. No T-shirts, short sleeves or or sleeveless shirts!

Blue denim jeans or skirt. No shorts!

Western boots - Choose comfortable boots, you will be standing and walking! No athletic shoes!

Red bandana tied at neck (other colors at Christmas and St. Patrick’s may be provided by Opry)

Cowboy hat (optional for ladies) No ball caps or "gimme" caps!

**If you are a vocalist and will only stand up for one or two vocals, you do not have to be in 'CTO colors', BUT all attire should be neat, attractive and in keeping with western showmanship and a wholesome family atmosphere. PLEASE: no short sleeve or sleeveless shirts, T-shirts, ball caps, or athletic shoes.

* A vest or coat is seasonally optional, and should enhance the theme and the Opry image.

Fenceline #3 - PARADES

The Cowtown Opry participates in 4 major parades yearly, and we ask that Opry members prioritize appearing in these events. Sing lively! Be flashy! All parades have judges at the reviewing stands. We are unique for our live musical presentations and we often win in our category!

The parades are:

In the Stockyards National Historic District -

-Cowtown Goes Green (St. Patrick's Day, evening of March 17)

-Christmas In the Stockyards Parade (first Saturday in December)

in Downtown Fort Worth-

-Ft. Worth Parade of Lights (Friday evening after Thanksgiving)

-Stockshow Parade (first Saturday morning of the Stockshow-late January. This is the "Queen" of all Fort Worth parades. It is the largest, and oldest all-livestock parade in the world! Be There!

General Schedule for Cowtown Opry Club Members

** Note: All COC members are not necessarily contacted personally prior to showdays, but members in good standing, who are present on Cowtown Opry Club performance days, properly dressed and prepared, will usually be welcomed to perform, provided that the performer checks in with the co-ordinator at least 30 minutes before showtime, and provided there is room in the show schedule.

Rehearsals of club members and auditions of new performers can take place at end of each performance, around 3:45 - 4:15). Please try to arrange rehearsal times, as this will give polish to your performance.

The regularly scheduled performances are as follows:

1st Sunday of the month - Cowboy Jam 1:30 -3:00 (emphasis on Texas/western swing)

2nd Sunday - Buckaroo Club 1:30 -4:00 pm

For kids 17 and under. Includes educational/rehearsal/performance time for the kids, adults function as back up only.

3rd Sunday - Western Hour 1:30 -3 pm (emphasis on cowboy & Texas music)

4th Sunday - Silver Screen Sunday 1:30 -3:00 (emphasis on music of the singin' cowboy movies)