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A Robert E. Howard Accessibility Index


Introductory Remarks


Fantasy & Horror

Kull | Conan | Bran Mak Morn & the Picts | Berserk! The Celtic Cycle | Solomon Kane | Sword Women

Eons of the Night | Trails in Darkness | Beyond the Borders | Cthulhu: The Mythos

Marchers of Valhalla & Other Tales of Reincarnation | Skull-Face / Almuric



Historical Adventure | Pirates’ Treasure | Desert Adventure | Gunman’s Debt & Other Westerns

Houses of Suspicion | Iron Men | Wild Bill Clanton | Spanish Gold



Post Oaks and Sand Roughs | Wild Water



Complete Poetry



The Complete Sailor Steve Costigan | TheIncredible Adventures of Kid Allison and Dennis Dorgan

A Bear Creek Legacy | A Man-Eating Jeopard | TheHouse of Peril & Other Humor



Complete Essays and Articles | Complete Letters



Origins: The Beginnings of Robert E. Howard’s Writing Career