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Third Poetry Page

Drum Circle

My spirit is lost in the music
firelight flashes on my turning body
and my bare feet stamp the ground
with this ancient rhythm
All our spirits converge
and there is a moment of harmony.
Harmony of the universe, the stars, the gods
body, mind, and soul
eternity is possible.

Southern Lines

“Keep talkin’, ” she says archly to him
“You make me speechless, baby” he grins back.
“Suga, I could eat you up, you look so sweet,” he grins back.
“Hey honey, come on over here,”
“mmmmmm, sukee sukee now”

What is attraction?

Is it a sparkle of eye,
a swing of hip,
a barely-there touch,
a strong embrace?
A firm body,
a soft one?
A teasing voice
a soft low laugh?
A confidant stroll
a shy movement?
Or what about a sweet smell
soomething that conjures
up sunshine or rain,
but happiness either way.
Is it an innocent smile,
or that all knowing raised eyebrow?

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