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Second poetry page

Roof of stars

standing on a microcosmic stage,
in a macrocosmic universe
you weave a story that ripples through time
your voice reaches out and draws the stars near
everything listens, everything sees
The sorrow and love in your song and tears
dischordant and haunting
and soothingly familiar,
a theme we all know
a theme we all recognize without hearing before
The climax, a descending chord
fills everything and leaves nothing untouched
The circle reaches its end
and all is silent

Crime and Punishment

On a desolate night
down a forgotten alley
whispers screamed danger
shadows slid along the ground
proweling the city
lies were followed by lies
Graves were dug with greed
ďSecurity is mortals cheifest enemyĒ
With dawn attacking
hushed plans were made
a desperate scream
out of the dirty gloom
was all anyone heard,
and memories were erased
by money and fear
Naked evil ran redly
through the blood of the hungry
and they were fed
filled until they were empty
and consumed themselves
and justice was served


Busy bustle camoflauges a crescendoing sense
of fatigue and jittery attempts at recounting
weekend memories of leisurely deadlines
trying not to use up the weeks supply of small talk

Mondays Bite

Thatís What Friends Are For

I have not experienced
in this lifetime, these horrors
but I have lived through them
vicariously, through your eyes
I am torn inside
to watch you tear yourself apart
you think its only you
but I get hurt too
I wonder, do you feel my pain?
do you cry over my tears?
or does your orb surround you
trapping you inside yourself?
I want to pick up the pieces
and mend you, rock you to sleep
and say itíll be all right
but I get the feeling
you donít want to heal
maybe you think you canít
that your not strong enough
maybe you know youíll just fall
apart again, so why bother
but I know you
you are strong
and when the sky starts falling
Iíll be there to hold it up
thatís what friends are for

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