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Stoneflygirl's Homepage

Hi there. If you are at this site to look at it and you didn't just hit the wrong link (I don't know where you would find a link to my page, but thats not the point), then you probably know me personally. Let me just say thank you for visiting such a pointless site. When my counter reads triple digit numbers I get very happy, so what that I was 52 of those hits, and I appriciate you wasting your time here. I love you. And since you are here could you please check out my poetry pages? Their counter is still reading only double digits. I was at least 11 of those. I promise they don't suck! And I put up a new one too, so go see it.

Me (I am not at all self centered)

Weeeeell, I live in Austin, Texas, the most beautiful city I have ever been in, I love music. Any ole kind; music is just one of the truly miraculous things in life, and no matter where I am, except for school, I am usually listening to music. 24/7. Really.
I am 15, very artsy, but more in a liturature-philosophy-find-the-hidden-meaning-in-Seventeen-magazine kinda chick. I Love (with a capitol "l") movies. So much. I think sentence fragments make really cool statements. When my friends and I go out we call it a multicultural outing because we are all very different from each other. I shook the hand of the lead singer for the Ugly Americans. Wow. So hot ::fanning herself::. I do the worst in my easiest classes. I sing in the car. All the time. Oreo's are my favorite food. I dunk them in milk. My cat snores. My backpack is a duffel bag. Calvin and Hobbes is the coolest cartoon. I have a leopard print pillow. I outline my window in CDS. Walt Whitman is my spiritual teacher. I keep my money in a wooden tea box. I have toe rings. But no tie-die shirts. Whole phone conversations are made up of ins ide jokes. I like to pretend I know what I'm doing. I am trying to figure out what my totem is. I am very empathetic but not very sympathetic. I love to dance. In public. At the grocery store along with the backround music. My mannish sandels are my favorite shoes. I truly belive Bob Ross is one of the Enlightend.

oh.....I also think David Duchovny is one of the sexiest men alive. But you probably already knew this.

Hola Amigos! Hello my Friends!

Thats from a spanish show we watched in fourth grade. Just in case you didnt know..... My friends:Denishia "nishiboo", Dana "chiquita banana", Jenny "Jellybean",Zoe "Homie Z", Kris "Latin lover", Anthony "The next Andre Agassi", Deepika "Deepikachu", Erica "It was this big!, Emily "Pinche", Rachel "my twin", Mark "Chupame lo", Karen "Hippie chick", Cole "Soccer Mom", Trey "monkey boy", KC "Cows!", Trent "you dont wanna know" , Shanell "nellie", ecetera, ecetera...


click here to visit my bob shrine!
Bobs, we love you.

And this one goes to my poetry page.

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This leads to Zoe's web page. She writes incredible fanfics, has a very diverse link page, and a shrine to good lookin' (anime) guys.
Or how about a shrine to real (live) good looking guys? Just go to Ucchans page. There you will find the two most incredible pictures of David Duchovny. I smile just thinking of them. If you like guys, check this out. Damn.....I am drooling......yeah, anyways...go there.

Go toa free graphics page, for over 500,000 downloads.

And if you like slam poetry, or want to know what it is, visitThe Austin Poetry Slam Homepage or other poetry slam links

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