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Volvo P220 Amazon Kombi - 1968 122S Estate Car (Eugene)

George Dill here in Temple, Texas, USA, on this fine Saturday, April 10, 2021.



The Volvo Car Lovers in the Great State of Texas are in need of a willing and eager enthusiast who can step in and embrace the roll of organizer and leader with the direction of scheduling, managing and supervising future Volvo Car Lovers get-togethers in Texas.

If YOU are so inclined contact George Dill at 254-541-2199 and volvotexasdill at lycos dot com.

Thank you!

The Volvo Club of America will hold the 2021 National Meet during the Labor Day Holiday weekend. For details visit vcoa dot org.

Volvo Car Lovers Get-together Saturday, October 16, 2021, Little River-Academy, Texas. For details click HERE!

Volvo Car Lovers Get-Together McGregor Texas Saturday October 19, 2019. Thanks to all who made the trip - link to pics here.

The Volvo Club of America held their National Meet on the West Coast in September 2019. Visit vcoa dot org for pics.

This same weekend (20-22 September 2019) Volvo Sports America had their really big meet on the Right Coast. Visit vsa dot org for details.

October 2019 - Sal Menchaca near Houston, Texas, has acquired a really nice 1968 Volvo 122S Coupe. For pics click here.

May 6, 2019 - Texas gets yet another Amazon - Mandy the 1967 Volvo P132 in Athens.
For details and pics click here.

CANCELLED - Rain-out! Volvo Car Lovers Get-together Meridian Texas Saturday April 6, 2019.

Details, maps and updates here.

Good Times were had at the Volvo Car Lovers Get-Together Saturday October 27 2018 Zabcikville Texas.
Pictures here.
See pictures from Mark McGahan of Dallas here.

Volvo Midsommar 2018 will be June 15-17 in Lindsborg. Kansas.
Details HERE!

The Volvo Club of America 35th Anniversary National Members Meet will be in Stratton Mountain, Vermont, September 28-30, 2018. Visit vcoa dot org for details and lodging.

The VCOA National Meet held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, October 20-21, 2017, had some interesting cars and people including this one...


Volvo Car Lovers get-together in Fredericksburg, Texas, was held Saturday, May 6, 2017, and we had a really good turnout.
For pics click here.

Volvo Club of America 2017 National Meet October 20-22 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
For details, registration and lodging arrangements visit vcoa dot org

Good times had by all at the Volvo meet in Georgetown, Texas, October 22, 2016. For pics visit here.

Volvo Car Lovers Get-Together Saturday, October 22, 2016, was held at the Monument CafÚ in Georgetown Texas.
Check out the pics here.


Pics from the Volvo car meet in Columbus, Texas, Saturday, April 9, 2016, here.

Volvo Club of America 2016 National Meet Sept 15-18 2016 at Elkhart Lake, WI details here.

Pictures and write-up from the Volvo Car Meet in Marble Falls, Texas, October 17, 2015, are found here.

2015 VCOA National Meet pictures here

Pics from the VCOA 2014 National Meet in Eureka Springs PICS!

Here are some pics from the Volvo Car Meet in Temple, Texas, on October 4, 2104 and thanks to all attendees.




Scroll for more Volvo and my early history with Eugene - the 1968 Volvo P220 now owned by Matt and Jen Harold of Houston, Texas.


Thursday, January 24, 2008, was my last day at work!



On October 2, 2008, I purchased a new 2009 Subaru Forester to replace my '96 Volvo 965 wagon daily-driver which is now in the loving hands of a tech at Austin Subaru (former Volvo mechanic).

Guess I'll need to start up a Subaru site.



For the very latest on all things Volvo including details on the next Meet for the Texas Chapter of the Volvo Club of America click here.

Note: The Texas Chapter VCOA is very active although the web site has closed down. For anything Volvo just shoot me an email ( ~=@) and call mobile anytime 254-541-2199 - George Dill, Temple, Texas.

I will eventually dig up the old original Texas Chapter web site and post all the historical stuff.

Watch it grow here!

For the Volvo Nut with waaaayyyy too much spare time... my favorites.

(This site is reverse-"chron-ill-ogical")

October 20, 2007 - just in from the Texas Volvo Meet near Katy (Houston) - pics here.

More pics and Meet Report here.

June 27, 2007 - just back from Kansas City Midsommar 2007 (see below). What a super Volvo Meet!

Pics here.

On June 21, 2007, the '96 965 Volvo wagon and I will be headin' for Kansas City, MO, for the big Volvo 80th Birthday Midsommar Bash.

June 10, 2007 - Eugene now has all-new clutch master and slave cylinders, hose, etc.

Just back from the March 31, 2007, Spring Volvo Meet in Georgetown, Texas. Watch for pics on the new old site linked above.

October 28, 2006. Just back from The WOODLANDS Volvo Meet - see below.

Eugene and I are rolling out to The Woodlands (Houston) today for the Fall 2006 Texas Chapter VCOA Meet. Watch for pics on the new old site linked above.

October 12, 2006 - just back from Tahoe (see below). Thanks to some mighty fine and gracious Volvo People Eugene received new generator brushes while in Tahoe (by George).

For Tahoe pics visit here.

Eugene (now with new head gasket and valve job, by George) and I are rolling out to Lake Tahoe on Monday, October 2, 2006, for the Volvo Club of America West Coast Meet at Horizon Resort and Casino in Stateline, Nevada.

Watch here for details.


Volvo Club of America 2006 West Coast Meet, October 6-8, 2006, Lake Tahoe, State Line, Nevada.

Y´┐Żall come, heah! Ooyah!

Itinerary for George Dill (254-541-2199 mobile anytime) from Temple, Texas, to Lake Tahoe (Stateline), Nevada, and return from October 2, 2006, through October 12, 2006, avoiding major highways and running all canyons the entire 3,643 miles.

Conveyance: Volvo, 1968 Estate Car P220 Kombi 122S station wagon, answers to ´┐ŻEugene´┐Ż.

Monday, October 2: Clovis, NM (450 miles)
Tuesday, October 3: Gallup, NM (383 miles)
Wednesday, October 4: Cedar City, UT (384 miles)
Thursday, October 5: Stateline, NV (567 miles) (1784 miles)

Friday ´┐Ż Sunday, October 6-8, Horizon Resort and Casino, Stateline, NV.

Monday, October 9: Delta, UT (461 miles)
Tuesday, October 10: Colorado Springs, CO (565 miles) Visit my brother, Charles
Wednesday, October 11: Childress, TX (494 miles) My 64th birthday.
Thursday, October 12: Temple, TX (339 miles) (1,859 miles)

Total round trip: 3,643 miles.

Life is good.


Old stuff followed by more old stuff.


Georgetown, Texas, Volvo GTG on June 17, 2006...


The Texas Chapter Volvo Club of America held the Spring 2006 Meet in San Antonio, Texas, on Saturday, March 4, 2006. For pics and a report visit the new old site linked above.

The Texas Chapter Volvo Club of America held the Fall 2005 Meet in Harker Heights (near Fort Hood) on Saturday, October 22, 2005. For pics and a report visit the new old site linked above.

The Dutch Volvo Club drove across the Texas Panhandle on 14-15 August, 2005, and stayed that night in Amarillo. For pics visit the new old..., oh, you know.

The Texas Chapter Volvo Club of America Spring 2005 Meet was held on April 22-23, 2005, in conjunction with the VikingFest in Waco, Texas. See pictures on the new old site.

The Texas Chapter Fall 2004 Meet was held in Katy, Texas, on October 29-30. Pictures are surely visible on the new old site.

The Texas Chapter VCOA Volvo Car Club Spring Meet was held on 16-17 April, 2004, in Carrollton near Dallas. Pics available and let us pray that by now...

For pics of the 2003 San Antonio Meet see above.

As of June 14, 2003, my primary ride is the mint '96 965 formerly owned by Ann Tofft of Houston. The blue '86 245? After more than a decade of unfailing service (244K) to me this fine Volvo is in the secure hands of George and Jackie McDonald near Houston. Roll on, my friend, roll on.

(this Site is reverse-cronyillogical)

For absolutely everything VOLVO click HERE!

To see the Texas Chapter VCOA Membership List click HERE!

(old stuff starts below)

October 20, 2002.

Just in from the Houston-area Volvo Car Meet - new people, new cars (some old) and Nancy Sievert's home-made sweets!

October 18, 2002 - headin' for Houston and the Fall Volvo Club Meet!

Just in from a VCOA Volvo meet near Solvang, CA, and a good time by all.

I'm off to Solvang, CA, for the big West Coast VCOA/VSA Meet 6-8 Sep, 2002. Be back 09-13-02.

Good Volvo Times had in Salado! (July 19-20, 2002)

To visit Kjell Rundgren in Sweden and see his beautiful PV click HERE!

For ALL the numbers on ALL the Volvos visit Bill Garland in Canada by clicking on THIS!

The ipd online ordering works! (May 14, 2002)


Just in from the Volvo Center Grand Opening In San Antonio all day Saturday, May, 11, 2002.

Just in from Wimberley, Texas, (4-28-02) and the Spring Meet of the Texas Chapter of the Volvo Club of America.

Back from Miami! (April 19, 2002)

Eugene was flawless! 3,006 miles - no problems (First in Class - 122 Stock)

(Scroll to the "bottom" for latest Eugene details)

Here are a coupla Sedona, Arizona, pics of Eugene compliments of Bob Wennerstrom - 122 Nut from sw Colorado. (West Coast VCOA Meet, Sep. '01)

Wanna toy P220?

Send me an email.

This crude, amateur Web Page is here to show-and-tell all about "EUGENE", a 1968 Volvo 122S wagon (P220 Kombi aka Amazon).

I warned you!

Begin show-and-tell. (scroll to end for latest update)

The first picture on this site was taken in Tennessee from where the car was transported to me in Texas (March 2001) - more pics later.

I was across the table from Rolf Larson at the Oct. 2000, Texas Volvo Meet in San Antonio when he casually mentioned having located a mint 122 wagon in TN and would go pick it up for me for $10,000.

In March my wife's Dean Witter account was short $12,000 and Rolf had the car in Houston long enough to install a new-in-the-crate (NOS)1968 Volvo AC (R-12) unit (BRRRRRRRRR!) and other up-grades.

Hey! This ain't no show car and that ain't rust behind the tailgate!

Rolf owns/operates Texas Automotive Performance (closed 2002) at "".

(Rolf is now retired)

More pics from Rolf.

The engine and compartment are now as sparkling as the interior! (inside pics to come)

The wagon, since re-named "Eugene", saw his first Volvo Car Club Meet in Galveston and even made the pics but you will need to visit the new old site to view them.

Eugene? The original owner was Charles Guinasso of Portland, Oregon, who bought the car on December, 19, 1967 (as a '68 model).

On May 6, 1969, Iva Rose Simons of Eugene, Oregon, purchased this spectacular P220 Kombi and babied it 'til December of 2000.

More later.

Later. (May 2001) This is Volvo #18 for me of which seven were 122 (4 wagons), 2-140, 2-1800, 1-164 and at least one "parts" car of each model. Oh, and the '86 245 - my previous daily-junker. My first ipd order was in August of 1968 so yes, I'm an old Volvo Nut.

Eugene has been repainted (before me) a white color with a barely-visible hint of blue-green hidden in the finish. The painter went to the trouble of removing instead of masking and the interior repaint is like factory. Masked areas will get my special "looks original" treatment - someday. I removed the rf kick panel to re-install the knee pad/parcel shelf and noted that the original white is very near the re-paint color.

Nice Car!

More later.

Later. (June 2001)

The VIN (chassis number) is: 223441064606.

(go to VolvoWorld for VIN details).

2=four doors.
3=B18B engine (same as 1968 1800S).
4=USA Export model.
4=4-speed manual transmission.(will have an over-drive/shift kit when I find $5,000!)
1=left-hand drive.
0=? (production series?)
64606=chassis number.

More later.


June 2, 2001 - just got the w/washer motor back together (re-assembled) and found that a good soak in Corrosion-Bloc (ipd) was the main fixer.

Four new Dunlops (Done Laps?) from The Tire Rack sit quietly in the garage waiting for me to refinish the wheels as I refuse to resort to a fat rim to run 235-40-17's!
(tires now on car - wheels not yet refinished)

The AC belt idler pulley now rides 0.25" closer to the front as this allows the original belt to be used without contact with the generator pulley - is this fun or WHAT?!!!

More Later.


August 2001. Too hot to work on cars in central Texas! I envy you Folks with summers to die for and not IN! Managed to install a cruise control on Eugene (old choke cable) but lost 40 gallons of body fluid and suffered zillions of skeeter bots. Rain? 0.020 inches in July!

Hark! UPS at the gate - must be the door prizes for the next Texas Chapter VCOA Volvo Car Club Meet. Yup - JCW!

More later.


September 18, 2001. West Nile Virus be damned! Me and them skeeters put in new float bowl Grose Jets, set up the carb linkage and cleaned everything to enjoy instant start-up, perfect idle and superior throttle response. Yes, the choke is adjusted for ac fast idle without dropping the jets. Cool. Also straightened the fins on the ac "radiator". New air filters are cheepos but the two-hole K&N's (ipd) are not my favorites. Gave away the neat one-piece flat filter housing for SU's that cuts down intake noise (and a new filter went, too). No matter, I'm near deaf anyway.

More later.

Later. November 10, 2001.

Locking gas cap rebuilt - no more leaks and balky key.

More later.

Later. December 15, 2001.

AC belt gets too slack without permission - fixed with very large serrated washer behind idler pully.

Later. February, 2002.

Prep for Miami Volvo Meet (April '02) included reset of cruise-control and lube heater control cables.

More later.

Later. April 25, 2002.

No heater needed at Miami Beach! (missed the all-nude beach part)

Eugene now has 69k and absolutely no problems. The bug splats from Baton Rouge were really tough to remove as the gumbo sticks like glue.

A young couple almost bought Eugene in Miami until the wife reminded him that $18,500 would by a nice Protege. Is that a Ford?

More later.

Took the lone surviving hound (Spikey) to Wimberley (4-26-02) escorted by my wife Trudi in her Camry wagon (replaced by a new 2008 Outback). The dog and I had a nice back-road tour into Temple. Later I noticed some new light scratches on Eugene from too-close juniper ashe (cedar tree). Eugene now has new wax on a mar-free finish. That ScratchX is good stuff!


October 2002

Where have I been?!

Scroll up to the top of this Page!

13,255 miles so far and Eugene continues to trundle along absolutely flawlessly!

(Galveston, Sedona, Miami, SOCAL, Dallas, Houston, in July '03 Canada and Aug '03 Seattle)

More later.


To visit the Volvo Club of America click