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August 2007 - Here is the Sweden Sommer 2007 update from the Man himself - Kjell Rundgren!

January 2007 - For the latest Kjell Rundgren Family pictures click here.

July 2006 - For more goodies from Kjell and pictures too click here

July 2005

This site is lovingly maintained for my Swedish Volvo Friends, Kjell and Ann Marie Rundgren.
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Here is a note from Kjell about family history.


Hello, George;

It's Kjell and Ann Marie from Sweden.

We have look at your famely back in time "genealogical table" and found many namn from Sweden for ex. Anderson one of the ordinary namne in Sweden ewen Sandberg are a ordinary namne here.
As you know ower 1.000000 million peopel get to USA 1800/1900 for found a new life " ower there".
Just want to tell you we look and read your mail. Maybee we are distantly related!?
I know that many of my family move in 1800/1900 get to USA the same for Ann Marie a part of hers family Bäckman hers namne before we get marrid get to Minnesota, Boston and Calefonien and other places we dont remember.

I know my family come to Sweden from Belgien Valloner in 1700 and learn the Sweds how to do mine.

That's all for now.

Kjell and Ann Marie.


Before you enjoy The Pearl in all its glory click here for the January 2005 update from Kjell.


Here are some previous wise words and pics from Kjell.

From: Kjell Rundgren

Subject: The Pearl - 1947 Volvo PV444
Date: Sun, 17 October, 2004

Hi George, Thanks for the new Texas stikers. I will have the stikers on Black Pearl so agin thanks.

Now autnumn has comes on really nighttemp - 2 celsius day +8 celsius rain and storm. Not funny soon winter so Pearl stand in garage most of time.
I most tell you, I has chip - trim Cross Country so now its 257 hk power earlier 200 hk. what a car I win all redlight stop. Its fun!
It was nice to see your family and the youngest member she was realy sweet and fun.
We has have Jonathan living here 14 days they was on holliday fun but tiring.
That was all for now.

You can look at 40 hk pover engine of Pearl.(below)

Best Regard Kjell and Ann Marie your Swedenfriends.

Kjell and Ann Marie have an all-new 1947 BLACK PEARL!

(below is the original site for the "original" 1957 PV444L WHITE PEARL)


First, check out Kjell's book! Click HERE!

(old site starts here)

The Pearl is home, again! LOOK!

This beautiful 1957 Volvo PV444L is owned by Kjell and Ann Marie Rundgren of Karlstad, Sweden. They have invested over two years and much effort to bring The Pearl back to life. Kjell recently located two "traveler's trunks" to complete the restoration - scroll down for pics!

Please allow a few moments for this Page to load. Thanks!

To see The Pearl at Ånnaboda, Sweden's huge Classic Car Meet, click here.

Are you a frequent Visitor to this Volvo Site? If so, directly below are some of the latest pictures from Kjell (now with close-ups of the XC!).

The XC AWD up-close!


(original Site begins below)

Looks like a Mississippi Blues Man in Sweden, the latest CD from Kjell, a Swedish wolf in Texas and a Bird Hunting Stamp.

Above is a 1954 Travel Brochure from Volvo. Cool!

Travels in a Volvo Duett circa 1955.

Here is the Pearl in a recent newspaper photo in Sweden.

Kjell, his wife Ann Marie, son Richard and daughter-in-law Tina remind us that wine is as good for the heart as is owning and restoring a wonderful old Volvo!

Richard and Tina share with us these photos from their wedding.

Kjell and Ann Marie live in this nice home ...

... and have a cabin, boat and "pet" moose at Vänern, Sweden's largest lake.

All Vikings live in splendor and drive Volvos.

Kjell and Ann Marie celebrated their half-century birthday in classic Swedish garb. Born just ten days apart, they had one really big party! Kjell is also a musician and lyricist.

Ann Marie's niece is shown here during square dance competition - real talent!

Even in winter the hardy Swedes have fun. Note that Kjell's XC has extra horsepower if needed!

See - not everything is ice in January!

Speaking of ice, here is the emblem for Sweden's Gold Medal-winning hockey team - The Färjestad(Wolfpack).

The USA Soccer Team and the USA flag as we celebrate the win over Portugal in the World Cup and Sweden's National Day. (USA-2, Mexico-0!)

In the Swedish farmland is the village of Ekshärad which has a speedway team called The Indians and also a Totem Pole at the edge of town. Here you have an opportunity to admire the woodcarver's skills.

Look at that cool hairstyle on the King (Elvis) - just for Sweden! (his PV was black!).

_ _ _

_ _ _

Here are more pictures and details about The Pearl to include those collector car-top suitcases and an old Texaco gas station just like the one where Kjell worked years back. Notice the USA Flag flying high!

Rain or shine - the Volvos come out for a Car Meet in Sweden. That "coon's" tail on the antenna? Email Kjell for an explanation!

You can email Kjell at

And now, in the King's English, is Kjell himself to tell about this Volvo and his Family.

Kjell Rundgren, May 2002.

I shall try to tell a littel aboute me and my fameli. You most excuse my english its not so good. Im 54 years old and married to Ann Marie sens 1968 only thats its a record, only try to be fun.
We have one son, Richard. He is 30 year and marrid to a girl her name is Tina. Richard works at the Social Security office. I work as insuernsman at Folksam , before we mowe to Karlstad we have livde in Stockholm , Gothenburg and a small town Halmstad. We have livde in Karlstad then 1986 this town are in Värmland and we have a hause in city of the town and a sommerhause just by the lake Vänern its the biggist lake in Sweden.

Now I will send scannfoto of our hause and sommerhause and of the PV. This photos are on me and my wife and ouer son and his wife in the small photo is are 50 years day Ann Marie have a Sweden dress and a photo on a musikmeet with my frends here a vikingaskipp they has travel over Vänern on the old way a small moose.
I send 4 photos tree of them are in the winter a child and his snowman and our Cross Contry as you se it most bee four wheel driving BUT if anything go wrong we have a extra horsepower.
its a small watherfall in Klarälven its the river who come out in Vänern just untill our sommerhause in the spring.

Now its the last and its a decal from the hockeyteam who is Swedish Gold Winner this year name is Färjestad or wolfpack.

I found a photo of a Caltex Gasstation and I bee glad before when I was young ( still am )17 to I be 20 years under that time I workt in a Caltex station. You have the right name Texaco but in Sweden it was Caltex. Now theres gone from here I dont now why.

Hi again, here is two photos of Ann Maries niece. They were here in Karlstad. They live in Gothenburg that was a competisen in squardance they are realy good. Take the scann of Elvis I thinks its fun. I send you a photo of The Pearl at a carmeeting in a raining day this year.

Heres moore photos I hope you can see what it is its taking whith polaroidcamera.

Hi agin this is the last photos. The photos are in the garage at home, hope that you can see the flag.

(May 23, 2002) The 1 and 2 of juni I and Ann Marie travel whis The Pearl to Ånnaboda its between Karlstad and Stockholm in a city calls Örebro. ther is one of the biggist oldcarmeet evrybody is wellcome so thers are from folksvagen volvos and cadillacs even R.R. but its only a few totel aboute one tusen (1,000) cars and twentytusen (20,000) pepel.

Last year at september the meeting was at that time and we hade ours first trip with The Pearl and we get a prize for the best car in orginal so its was fun. wuonder how its go this year now when The Pearl is reedy and all stuff is on place.

Here in Värmland there is a littel village the name of it is Ekshärad and we call them indians because they have a speedway team name Indians and they have a big totem just when comming in to the small town.

Today its rain but it was needed because has been dry a longtime. Temp. before rain + 25 c. Here's the picture of the King. He's still alive you know !!! You can see him driving in a 444L in Alaska.

We come home late with some frends after a weekend in Ånnaboda to big carmeeting with all veteranscar its was from all Sweden. A part of them had drive in three days to come there its was only two days. I believe it was 3 - 4 thousand cars and I can't think how many people. There was too much. It took us 2 hours to come in to the market. But now we are home. Great!

You see USA can take silver second place in soccer after Sweden. Today its Swedens National Day so you can hold the Sweden Flag high.

Ånnaboda pictures - one a photo of my wife Ann Marie standing untill my cusin and her man. he is reely a countryman.
from the loest part and up to the hotell its was backracing whith veterancars. the american car dident win to mutch motor in the slipery grass.
the big market. this is only a few here sales everythings to all car and motorbikes.

thers was only one problem its was a big fight betvein Hells Angels and Banditos so the polis coms in piketbus and stop it. no danger if you mowe and getaway a bit. it's also a show but not so fun.

the lasr photo of Ånnaboda.I'm packing The Pearl for our homeway. we were there one whole day and didn't have se all. this year was the biggest on at last ten years. it was a littel to big.

here we are on homeway and has stop for typic roadstop and eat our picknic. this type of roadstop are ther many of after the way its the city you travel into most have last three roadstop. you know in Sweden we have "allemansrätten". its meens you can stop evrywere. I cant explend it better.

here in Sweden we have sommer now. its has been hot and good. our sommer has a max. temp. 27 celsius so its fine.

please let our King stand right. you know Im a royalist and the King is good and have beatiful Queen. she come from Germeny and Brasil. Well The King is whithout pover but the best PR for Sweden.

Thats All Folks!

About PV: name its "pärlan " The Pearl. Its three gears and the first gear are unsyncronised have a 60 hp. motor and 6 volt. The Pearl have all extra stuff there are yesterday I was at a carmeet and buy two old suitcases to have on the roof to The Pearl so now its completed and photos have been taken.
Other interest I have is music I have recorded a CD and I have written some lyrics and publiced as a book. I sending some more photos of the CD and the book and some phothos when our son married last sommer with Tina.
You know I have dream and its to come to USA someday hope it will be done.
please if the club have any decals or keyrings or anything abote Texas a poster for ex. I be happy if you can send me some thing. Is was in the radio to day that many americans shall come to Sweden this sommer so its be fun if anybody visit us. Karlstad is nice city in a delta of a big river just with Vänern Karlstad is between Stockholm and Oslo anyone is wellcome to wisit us. My address is

Kjell Rundgren
Violgatan 23,
653 45 Karlstad

054 565406 mobil 070 6016561

as I wrot befoore if any come to Sweden contact me please we have two hause so its no problem.

your frend Kjell

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