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Volvo - Texas Chapter Volvo Club of America

NOTE: Many links on this page are so ancient that the Angelfire server refuses to hookup.

March 2023.

Scroll for some Texas Chapter historical pages from the past!

This is the ORIGINAL SITE (1996) for the Texas Chapter of the Volvo Club of America.

It has been resurrected to replace texasvolvoclub dot com which has gone away as of Dec 2007.

To get in on the latest USA and Texas Volvo scene click here.

Here is the ancient, out-of-date intro/promo blurb for the original site...

VCOA-Texas is a statewide organization of owners and enthusiasts of all Volvo models from the historical through the latest offerings. Our membership exemplifies this diversity - we own Volvos from the 1930s right up to the latest series cars. Active groups of 444, 544, 122, 140/160 and 1800 enthusiasts share their experiences with the new model owners. The Texas Chapter was founded in 1996 by Al Ringle and Ann Tofft and has over 100 members.

Below are links to some historical pages from Volvo Car Club Meets and people in Texas and elsewhere. Return often as new pages appear overnight. Enjoy!

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George Dill

254-541-2199 mobile anytime


For information about joining the Volvo Club of America click here.


List of Texas Volvo Lovers!

Spring 1999 Temple/Salado Texas

Grandbury Texas Oct 1999

Salado Texas July 2002

Volvo Meet in Waco Texas June 2003

Rosie the PV544 comes to Texas!

Eugene - the '68 122 wagon

Sad ending for "Opas" the '67 144S

Texas Volvo Meet Fall 2007

Texas Poker Run 2007

My 960 wagon - now sold

Texas Volvo Poker Run 2005

Kansas City Midsommar 2007

Not a Volvo?

Eugene finds a new home

Dutch V44 Volvo Club in Amarillo 2005

Texas Volvo pics from afar

Volvo 1800 ragtop!

beautiful Texas 1800E

Inks Lake Texas Volvo Meet 2009

Texas Volvos in the Piney Woods - October 2009.

Piney Woods slideshow!

Texas Volvo Meet near Dallas - May 2010.

Another Texas Volvo Meet!

Click Here! for a list of Meets.