Guitar Face

The "Lewinsky"

What is the "Lewinsky" form of Guitar Face?

This is a type of guitar face characterized by exageratedly puckered lips. The guitarist appears to be experiencing some state of ectasy.

This particular strain seems to effect guitarists in genres beyond blues far more than the other two strains. Here, innovative electric guitar master Eddie Van Halen is shown having an accute attack of "G-face."

Angus Young's condition is quite advanced.

In severe cases, guitar face condition can cause the sufferer to stoop over in discomfort. Here Keith Richards is clearly suffering badly. Mick Jagger tries to . . . um . . . "comfort" him.

Jimi Hendrix actually helped "out" the disability. While he suffered primarily from the "severe constipation" form, he also had occasional outbreaks of "Lewinsky."

Swedish speed king Yngwie Malmsteen is unfortunate to suffer from both "Magoo" and "Lewinsky."

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