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Plain ole Single Coil.  Stuff that doesn't make the cut for Electronicoil or Mörönicus.

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My other music on MP3.
My Electronica and
Techno Metal Music.
Acid Jazz (Crack Kills)
Electronicoil - Creative techno and guitar music!
Mörönicus Rocks!  Mörönicus Rocks!  Mörönicus Rocks!  Mörönicus Rocks!
I Hate Telemarketers!
Stop Telemarketers from Bugging You!!!

Float the goat!


Guitar Resources you won't find elsewhere,
includes the only Guitar Face Site on the Web

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Undercover - One of Dallas' best live bands!
One of Dallas' best live acts!

Pictures of ugly men in Texas.

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Angel of Crap

Angel of Crap