Guitar Face

The "Mr. Magoo" Type

You mean there's more than one type of Guitar Face?

Absolutely. On the preceeding page, we saw the frightening effects of the "severe constipation" form of Guitar Face. This form of guitar face appears to be the most painful. However, the "Mr. Magoo" form of Guitar Face can be just as disfiguring.

Here Mark Knopfler demonstrates all of the classic symptoms of the "Mr. Magoo" type of Guitar Face. Notice the protruding chin and lips, the squinting eyes and the generally taut face muscles.

Elvis Costello has a textbook case of Mr. Magoo Guitar Face.

In Northern Europe, the "Mr. Magoo" is often characterized by an offsetting effect of wide open eyes. We still classify this as "Mr. Magoo," however, due to the generally impression of "goofiness." Here Swedish wonder child Yngwie Malmsteen shows the symptoms of "Mr. Magoo" with wide open eyes. Doctors sometimes refer to this as "Mr. Magoo on crack."

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