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In Sept. of 1921, St. Rita's Parochial School was opened. Archbishop Gerken, who was pastor of the newly erected St. Rita's Catholic Church, requested seven Sisters from the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Ward, San Antonio, Texas to assume charge of the new school. The anticipated enrollment of seventy students soon became 125 with Mother Berchman as Superior. Other sisters at St. Rita's were Mother Gabriel Marie, Sister Kiernan and Sister Vincent de Paul. The program of the school included primary, elementary and high school until 1931 when, because of a small enrollment, the high school department was dropped. The school closed in 1952. Later the main school building was moved to the campus of Ranger Junior College and became the girls' dormitory. Years later it burned down. The other school building is still standing and was used for boarders housed on the third floor, the cafeteria, classrooms, and an auditorium. It is now the Parish Hall. In 1924, a small school across from the church was established for Spanish-speaking students. It was later closed and has been torn down. St. Rita's school St. Rita's school on Oddie St. Theta Tau House (RJC Girls' Dormitory) St. Rita's in 1928 ST. RITA'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL 1928 - Front Row (L-R): Earl Schnapp, Roy Shaw, Whitney Dan Purcell, Joe Kinney, Danny McKay, Ogie Swift, Lewis Maher, Frank Brahaney, Jack Hodges, Morris Leveille, Paul Gavin, Pete Brashier. Second Row: Mary Shaw, Betty Sullivan, Ruth Hazard, Margaret Gavin, Esta Ivon Smith, Lucy Ready, Rita Mooney, ? Hart, ? O'Donnell, Rita Gallagher, Betty Jo Westfall, Charles Dyar, Tommy Smith, Clease Bourdeau, Cledith Bourdeau, Lettie Simmons, June Brahaney. Third Row: Patsy Dyer, Francis Hart, Jack Mooney, Frank Conley, 'Bud' Stevenson, Francis Fengler, Bill Bourdeau, ?, Edward Maher, Dougles Hart, Thomas Maher, Betty Jean Kinney. Fourth Row: Mary Alice Yonker, Virginia Dyar, Mary Frances Ready, Catherine Jane Conley, Betty Jean McMillen, ?, Jane Milliken, Jackie Edwards, Amelia Collins, Mary Rose O'Neil, Dorothy Jean Cleveland, ? Schnapp, Otis Westfall, ? , Peggy O'Donnell. Fifth Row: Claire Dyar, ? , Margaret Collins, Mary Louise Stevenson, Libby Cleveland, Frances Bourdeau, ? , ? , Agnes Higginbotham, Cecilia Collins. Top Row: Margaret Yonker, Velda Herring, Emma Hannold. Top Row Boys: Francis McLaughlin, Peter Clements, John o'Leary, Fred Yonker, Richard Conley, James Higginbotham. St. Rita's in 1945 ST. RITA's SCHOOL in 1945 - Top Row (L-R): Charlie Campbell (RHS-1949), Anita Carlin (RHS-1950), deceased), Nancy Phillips (RHS-1949), Bernice Bagwell (RHS-1950), ? ,Clara Mae Jacoby (RHS-1952) 2nd Row from Top: ? ,Betty M. Davenport (RHS-1951), Patsy Ann Frasier, (RHS-1951), Betty Lou Hagaman (RHS-1952), Henry V. Davenport (?) (RHS-1951) 3rd Row from Top: ? , ? , ? , June Ann Morton (?) (RHS-1949), Dena Pulley (RHS-1953) 4th Row from Top: Norma Jean Richardson (RHS-1955), Diane Irvin, Nancy ?, Mary Wallace, ? , Kathyleen Richardson (RHS-1955) 5th Row from Top: ? , Dick or Richard ?, ? , Eddie Jacoby (RHS-1957), Mike Dean, Bobby Weeks, Howard Oliver, Bob Downtain (RHS-1956) Bottom Row: ? ,Betsy Simmons(?), Patsy Fleckinstein, Polly Rains, ? , ? , Wynona Rains (Cookie Kirkpatrick, Dianne Plumley, Gail Garner) St. Rita's in 1945 ST. RITA's SCHOOL in 1945-46 Front row: ?,?, Paula Angus (RHS-1957),?,?, Eddie Jacoby (RHS-1957) Middle row: ?,?,?,?,?,? (on the far right side) Top row:?,?,?, Dena Pulley (RHS-1953),?, Clara Mae Jacoby (RHS-1952) Note: Click on pictures to enlarge. St. Rita's report card Sister Brendan Marie Sister Brendan Marie O'Connor (1907-2005) She was born in County Kerry, Ireland and dedicated 57 years to teaching including St. Rita's School in Ranger, Texas.
Sister Rappold Sister Mary Josepha Rappold (1904-2006) She was born in Huntington, West Virginia and dedicated 54 years educating children including St. Rita's School in Ranger, Texas.
Sister Vincent de Paul Sister Vincent de Paul taught at St. Rita's School for many years.
St. Rita's School Sister Carmelita, Linda Plumley, Linda Plumley & Mother Fidelis Mother Fidelis (Mexican school in background) St. Rita's Catholic Church St. Rita's School-RHS Class of 1960