Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - RHS Class of 1960 Grade school - St. Rita's Catholic School

St. Rita's School in Ranger St. Rita's School & Auditorium RHS-1960 Grade school class: First grade (1949): James Alford, James Boyvey, Frances Cogburn, Gay Ann Daskevich, Johnny Ferrell, Ronald Fleckenstien, Patsy Graham, Charles Harper, Mike Herrington, Jane Hinman, Mac Jacoby, Karen Killingsworth, Carole Lloyd, Robert Pitchford, Earl Reeves, Arthur Shelton, Sheila Shelton, Mary Kay Rush, Lola Fay Weems, Connie Zeissel. Second grade (1950): James Boyvey, Johnny Ferrell, Patsy Graham, Mike Herrington, Mac Jacoby, & Margaret Obel. Third grade (1951): James Boyvey, Patsy Graham, Jack Hazard, Mac Jacoby, Margaret Obel, Earl Reeves, Hilary Vasquez, & Ignacia Vasquez. Fourth grade (1952): James Boyvey, Patsy Graham, Mac Jacoby, Margaret Obel, Hilary Vasquez, & Ignacia Vasquez. School closed in May, 1952 St. Rita's School Teachers: Mother Marie (Superior/Principal, first grade), Sister Francis (second grade), and Sister Karen. Class roster of first-third grades in 1948 Letter to parents about school picnic in 1948 Mike Herrington in pageant costume 1950 St. Rita's School Christmas Program-Pg.1 1950 St. Rita's School Christmas Program-Pg.2 1950 St. Rita's School Christmas Program-Pg.3