Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - Ranger schools Ranger High School (1923-1978)

Ranger High School During the oil boom, enrollment in high school continued to increase and congestion in the old six-room high school building became acute. Bonds were voted in 1921 to build a new high school building. A collapse of the bond market slowed the sale of the bonds but on April 10, 1922, the contract was let for the construction of the new high school near downtown Ranger which was occupied in the spring of 1923. The school building even had a cafeteria on the ground floor which later closed and became the Home Economic room. Operation of this high school continued until the mid-1970s when it was determined that it would be more economical to scrap the old system and build a new one with all grades essentially under one roof. A school bond election was called and plans were made to build a new and modern school complex located east of town. The work was completed in time for the Class of 1978 to graduate from the new facility. Demolition of the old Ranger High School was done in 1978. Before it was torn down, the band hall building next to it was moved to the new campus and used as a weight room. Ranger High School Ranger High School Ranger High School Ranger High School in 1940s Ranger High School in the 1940s Demolition of old Ranger High School Ranger Schools (present)