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Kid Day in 1958d SENIOR KID DAY at Ranger High School was an enjoyable and fun event usually held near graduation for seniors to go back to their childhood. The seniors would dress up like school kids, with the girls wearing penafores and carrying dolls and stuffed animals. Boys wore short pants. Most kids came to school riding their old bicycles. Sometimes a "Kid Day" program was presented in an assembly featuring folk songs, reading of poems, and music. Usually the class would enjoy a picnic lunch at the park. Kid Day may have started in the mid-1930s at Ranger High School. The tradition may have been suspended during WWII and started back in the mid-1950s. According to the yearbooks, the last Kid Day was in 1976 just before the move to the new school. It does not appear this tradition was observed at other Texas high schools. Kid Day in 1936 RHS-1936 Kid Day Kid Day in 1958a RHS-1958 Kid Day 59kid11 RHS-1959 Kid Day RHS-1960 Kid Day RHS-1960 Kid Day