Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - RHS Class of 1936 Kid Day

It is unknown when Kid Day started at Ranger High School but the Class of 1936 had a great time. Kid Day in 1936 Charles Hodges Sammy Ruth Matthews & Camilla Hunt Kid Day in 1936

Kid Day in 1936 Sammy Ruth Matthews, Camilla Hunt, Mavis Murray, Lucille Woods, Mary Rose O'Neal, Wanda Castleberry Kid Day in 1936 Wanda Castleberry & Geneva Eaves Kid Day in 1936

Kid Day in 1936 Geneva Eaves Camilla Hunt, Geneva Eaves, Imogene Stafford, Mary Rose O'Neill, Ernest Glazner, & Roy Hanson Kid Day in 1936 Imogene Stafford Mellinger Jacoby Imogene Stafford, & Geneva Eaves Geneva Eaves, & Sammy Ruth Matthews