Ranger Exes Memorial - The Faculty

A.G. Koenig ALBERT GEORGE KOENIG came to Ranger to teach in the late 30s or early 40s with his young wife Claudia Augusta and their small son Claude Koenig (RHS-1956). Immediately prior, he had been teaching and serving as principal of a rural school near Brady, TX. (We in Ranger always pronounced their name King as konig is the German word for king. When they moved north, however, the family name soon became pronounced COnig or phonetically. In Tacoma where his son George lived, most people said KAYnig.) Prior to Mr. Koenig's marriage in 1937 at the bride's home in Ballinger, he had farmed with his parents in Runnels County. At the time of his marriage he was also teaching at Mason, a rural school just north of Winters. He earned a B.A. from Hardin-Simmons University and later also an MA from the same school. His area of teaching was primarily in social studies, but he also taught speech at RHS. In that capacity he directed all-school plays. I had the privilege of being in one of them (1956) along with his son George Koenig (RHS-1960). Mr. Koenig made a point of involving the uninvolved in school activities. I am immensely grateful to him for that inclusion. This spring when I went back to RHS to hear Morris Baker (RHS-1957) and the first African-American to graduate from RHS, speak to the current student body, Baker recalled by name four teachers who had been very supportive and receptive of his presence among the other students in the early days of integration. One of these was Mr. Koenig. In the mid-1950's Mr. Koenig heard from his sister and brother- in-law living in the Chicago area of the fast-growing opportunities for teachers in suburban areas. He and his family moved to Elk Grove Village in 1957. He taught at nearby Maine Township High School until his death on Feb. 20, 1962 (coincidentally the same day John Glenn first orbited the Earth). The other children in the Koenig family, all born in Ranger, were his sons George and Robert and a daughter Mary Helen. His widow, now Mrs. George, resides in Aurora, Illinois. She was also a teacher in Ranger. I remember in seventh grade social studies when we studied state capitals that she told us the capital of Maine was her middle name: Augusta. Written by Mike Herrington (May 30, 2001)