Ranger Exes Memorial - TX In Remembrance The Faculty

The Faculty RHS Faculty in 1950s Note: RJC faculty is listed on the RJC page. Next: RJC Updated: 04.20.20212 NAME DEATH A Sam Aills Coach 1976 MORE Murray Allman Music Dir. 2007 MORE Bill Askew Teacher 2001 MORE B Mildred Balch Teacher 2009 MORE...RHS-1942 Barbara Long Baker Teacher 2011 MORE...RHS-1953 Paula Faulkner Barker Teacher 2020 MORE Roark Barnes Music Dir. 2014 MORE Harold Barrett Coach 2007 MORE Dora Jane Baskin Teacher 1962 MORE H.L. Baskin, Sr. Principal 1956 MORE Lynn Bates Instructor 2013 MORE..RHS/RJC Rayneal Baze Teacher 2000 MORE Bessie Beaty Teacher 1997 MORE Frankey Bevers Coach 2018 MORE Eva Long Bobo Teacher 1992 MORE Clara Weaver Boney Teacher 2008 MORE...RHS-1930 Mildred Bonney Cafeteria 1993 Dr. Grover Boswell Supt. 1953 MORE Paul Boswell Supt. 2011 MORE Evangeline Drennan Brewer Teacher 2013 MORE Cozette Penney Burgess Teacher 2001 MORE C Johnson Cherry Coach 1966 MORE James Childress Principal 2017 MORE James Clark Supt. 2008 MORE Lolita Connelly Teacher 1985 MORE Homer Coody Principal 1994 MORE David W. Craik Teacher 1963 MORE...RHS/RJC Eva Young Craik Teacher 2010 MORE Thelma Nixon Croom Teacher 2002 MORE D Dr. Drennon Daves Coach 2020 MORE Harry Deal Custodian 1965 MORE Rose McEver Deffebach Teacher 1996 MORE...RHS-1922 Mary Edwina Deffebach Teacher 2005 MORE Ruth Terry Denney Teacher 2002 MORE...RHS-1918 Beverly Dudley, Jr. Teacher 2009 MORE...RHS-1937 E Lillian Neal Eastland Teacher 1973 MORE Dutch Ervin Teacher 1970 MORE F Frances Worden Freeman Teacher 1983 MORE Rita Freeman Teacher 1967 MORE G Robert Gans Music Dir. 1990 MORE Charlie Garrett Principal 1989 MORE Lynn Gentry Bus Driver 1976 MORE Claudia Koenig George Teacher 2004 MORE Barbara Getts Teacher 2011 MORE...RHS-1944 Kathryn Britton Gibson Teacher 1998 MORE...RHS-1943 Catherine Hall Golemon Teacher 2015 MORE Loyce Marleen Griffin Teacher 2005 MORE Frank S. Guttman Coach 2019 MORE H Helen Hagaman Teacher 1977 MORE Ruby King Halbert Teacher 2001 MORE Mamie Ruth Hamrick Teacher 1969 MORE...RHS-1923 Stanly Harper Maintenance 2016 MORE Addie Harris Teacher 2001 MORE P.O. Hatley Principal 1987 MORE Imogene Newton Haun Teacher 2016 MORE...1954-55 Laura Mae Hill Healer Principal 1961 Katherine Stafford Heatly Teacher 1991 MORE Wallace Hebert Teacher 1994 Allison Elene Hodges Teacher 2005 ...student teacher James Hughes Teacher 2004 MORE Mary Rayfield Huling Registrar 2004 MORE Gladys Hunter Teacher 1983 MORE I Nadine Ishmael Teacher 2007 MORE J Jerry Jackson Supt. 2008 MORE Marilyn Coleman Jackson Teacher 2016 MORE Kenneth Wier Jameson Teacher 1986 MORE Morris Jeffries Principal 1991 MORE H.G. Jennings Teacher 1996 MORE Pat Joyner Teacher 2017 MORE K Dorothy Johnson Kimbrough Secretary 2017 MORE Patty Bass King Teacher 1963 MORE Charles Koch Principal 2019 MORE Wanda McEntire Kribbs Teacher 2014 MORE Albert Koenig Teacher 1962 MORE L Ethelyn Lancaster Teacher 2017 MORE M Gladys Maddocks Teacher 1999 MORE...RHS-1925 Margaret Parker Maddox Teacher 1976 MORE Robert Maddox Music Dir. 1996 MORE Marie Ramsey Mahaffey Teacher 2004 MORE...RHS-1937 Jimmie Marshall Coach 1999 MORE Don Martin Coach 2003 MORE Lydia Harrison May Teacher 1967 MORE Helen Stafford McAnelly Teacher 1996 MORE Margart Kelly McDonald Teacher 2004 MORE Anna McEver Teacher 1985 MORE Norine Maxey Menielle Teacher 1982 MORE Ottis Moore Coach 1972 MORE Mimi Henderson Morgan Teacher 2015 MORE...RHS-1977 Alla Kuykendall Morris Teacher 1995 MORE George Munnerlyn Teacher 1995 MORE N Presley Neal Bus Driver 1990 MORE O John Olinger Principal 2009 MORE Lorene Harrell Oliver Teacher 2012 MORE...RHS-1933 Margaret McLaughlin Owen Teacher 1998 MORE P Betty Parmele Teacher 2013 MORE...RHS & RJC Jo Oyler Patterson Teacher 1993 MORE Ronny Powell Teacher 2017 MORE Theresa Power Teacher 1993 MORE Avis McKelvain Preslar Teacher 2010 MORE...RHS-1935 Harold Prescott Coach 2002 MORE R Charlotte Ratliff Teacher 1995 MORE...RHS-1926 Jennye Hooper Ready Teacher 2008 MORE Mary Bourdeau Reilly Teacher 2011 MORE...RHS-1942 Lenual Riehm Teacher 1961 MORE Mattie Roberts Teacher 1985 MORE Doris Mitchell Robinson Teacher 1989 MORE Lillie Robinson Teacher 1985 MORE G.B. Rush Supt. 1994 MORE S Clara Barker Singleton Teacher 1988 MORE Claudia Slaughter Teacher 1998 MORE Charles Smith Coach 2020 MORE Sara Snodgrass Smith Teacher 1973 MORE Peggy Snead Secretary 2018 MORE Robert Snider Teacher MORE Dorothy Speer Secretary 2017 MORE Fred Steffey Music Dir. 2017 MORE Beverly Stewart Secretary 2014 MORE Bonnie Fox Stewart Teacher 2019 MORE T June Terry Teacher 2001 MORE James Teter Coach 2003 MORE Jewel Smith Tibbels Cafeteria 1993 MORE U V H.S. Von Roeder Principal 1976 MORE W W.T. Walton Supt. MORE O.C. Warden Coach 2004 MORE...RHS-1935 A.W. Warford Principal 1980 MORE Marjorie Weeks Secretary 2004 MORE Frances Cornelius Wilhelm Teacher 2002 MORE John Wilhelm Teacher 1972 MORE Mary Joy Wilson Teacher 2011 MORE...RHS-1943 Katrina Lovelace Wood Teacher 1996 MORE Cottie Lemley Woods Teacher 1987 MORE...RHS-1924 Y Boone Yarbrough Coach 1998 MORE Miss Johnnie Young Teacher 1993 MORE...RHS-1931 Note: This list is unofficial and may not be complete.