Ranger Exes Memorial - Ranger, Texas Cemeteries in & around Ranger - Ames Cemetery

Contributed by Mike Herrington Updated: 04/20/2011 Ames Cemetery-01 Small cemetery with ten graves located south of Ranger near the airport. This is a family cemetery. The oldest couple are J.B. (James Becton) Ames (d. 1901) and his wife Frazier Marie (Hopkins) Ames. Three of the graves are their adult children: Mattie Green, J.B. Ames (d. 1937), and Frank Ames. Maggie (Hopkins) Limscott is the sister of Frazier M. Ames. The other graves are Maggie's husband C.M., Frank's wife Pauline, and two children born to J.B. (the younger) and Frona Ames. They are Betty Sue Barker Brown and an unnamed premature baby boy presumed born around 1925. Names Birth Death J.B. AMES 1859 1901 FRAZIER MARIE AMES 1858 1929 FRANK AMES 1890 1938 PAULINE AMES C.M. LIMSCOTT 1845 1922 MAGGIE LIMSCOTT 1855 1922 BABY BOY AMES 1925 1925 J.B. AMES 1895 1937 MATTIE GREEN 1879 1906 BETTY SUE AMES BROWN 1930 2006 NOTE: Frona Carr Ames (1899-1970) and her son J.B. Ames, Jr. (1923-1943) are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Ranger. Ames Cemetery-02 Ames Cemetery-03 Ames Cemetery-04 Ames Cemetery-05 Ames Cemetery-06 Ames Cemetery-07 Ames Cemetery-08 Ames Cemetery-09 Ames Cemetery-10